What are the features of Android 12

What are the features of Android 12

Google Pixel has launched its next version Android 12 along with the launch of its new model phone.

Some of these features are already available on the Oneplus Oxygen platform. However, Android fans are curious to see how it goes.

What features does Android 12 have?

  • A boundary-pushing redesign | Redesigned to be more spacious and comfortable, it's our most expressive, dynamic and personal OS ever, says Android.
  • Color reimagined | If you change the wallpaper, the color of the entire design can be changed to the same color as the wallpaper due to advanced color extraction algorithms.
  • A smoother, more responsive UI | Very easy to use, with extra speed and smooth experience.
  • Your favorite people have a new home | For those who prefer, you can keep a separate widget on the Home Screen. You can easily chat with them.
  • Built for accessibility | Magnification, Extra DIM, Gray scale etc. can be changed.
  • If the letters are thin, you can change them to Bold Letter.
  • Extend screenshots beyond your screen | When taking a screenshot, you can take more than just the screen.
  • Kick-start your gameplay | You can play while downloading the game.


  • Private by design so you're in control | The entire mobile is under your control. No need to worry about Security, Privacy.
  • You can decide who can see your data and when.
  • Stronger Mic and Camera access controls | The Status Bar will let you know if the camera or mic is in use. If not needed, it can be blocked easily.
  • Keep your precise location private | Some apps ask for our precise location, while others only ask for an approximate location. So, this too can be controlled.
  • For example Google Maps requires exact location but for some apps your city (Chennai) is sufficient.
  • Your privacy permissions at a glance | In the Privacy Dashboard you can see what permissions are given to apps and change them.
  • Unused apps Reset | If some apps are not used for several days, the permissions given to them (Camera, Mic) will be deleted and the information will also be deleted.
  • Share Wi-Fi passwords | Sharing WiFi Password with nearby people is easy.
  • Switching made easy | It's easy to transfer data from an old phone to a new phone, even if it's an iPhone.


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