How to embed PDF in Blogger using Google Drive

How to embed PDF in Blogger using Google Drive

Hello everyone, welcome to Pixabin Official, Now see How to Embed PDF In Blogger Using Google drive for free. PDF embedding is a big problem for blogger website runners. you search solution to this problem this spot is the perfect spot for resolving your PDF Embedding Problem on Blogger with Google Drive for Free.

So, Now see the Guidelines for the PDF Embed in Blogger Using Google Drive.

How to embed PDF in Blogger using Google Drive?

First of all, go to your Blogger dashboard

Next, go to the wanted Post or Page for Embed the PDF File.

Now Convert to HTML Editing Mode and use the following Iframe code to embed your PDF.

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480"></iframe>

How to get a file ID from Google Drive?

The first step is to go to the Google Drive Dashboard.

Next select wanted embed PDF File

Then Right-Click on the PDF File

Then Click the "Get link" Option on the Popup Window and make sure the Visibility is "Anyone with the Link"

Next, Copy the Sharable Link and Paste it into Notepad or Any text editor on your Pc.

Now Make the Changes on Google Drive Link the link after d/ is your Google Drive id, and the Like is Given Below the Example Image.

How to embed PDF in Blogger using Google Drive

Video Guidelines


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