10 Things Not to Do When Doing Online Transactions

Online Transaction Guidelines

In today's digital age, the many number of people doing online transactions is increasing day by day. Moreover, many people go to the bank only to open a new account. A major reason for this is the simple processes of online transactions.

But with that frauds are increasing. Below are ten things we should never do to avoid them.

10 Things Not to Do When Doing Online Transactions

  1. Don't share your bank account information with anyone on mobile phone or mail.
  2. Don't save your credit/debit card and online banking details on mail, google drive, laptop, cell phone etc. .
  3. It is very important to take care of your internet settings. Do not enable Auto Fill Data. Because even through this you can easily get your password.
  4. Check if the website you are using starts with “https”. If not, don't use it. It is likely to go to other sites as well.
  5. Don't use your keyboard to type details in online transactions. It is better to use the  virtual keyboard  (Virtual Keyboard) on the banks' website.
  6. Do not open your bank's website through a link sent to you by mail or SMS. Always type the link directly.
  7. Make online transactions  only on your laptop or cell phone. Don't do it on other people's computers, especially on public computers like offices or browsing centers. Because details can be easily extracted from it.
  8. Use official sites while downloading apps for banks. Because there are many fake apps nowadays.
  9. Don't buy international cards unnecessarily. Also disable international transactions. RBI 2014 made 2-Factor Authentication mandatory. That's why our transactions are  double-confirmed first by password or PIN and then by OTP to us. But in some foreign countries 2-Factor Authentication is not required. It is not safe.
  10.  Do not  download unnecessary apps. Thus  Even your  Details  Can be stolen.

Bonus Tip : If you can remember the CVV number on the back of your card you can erase that number. This will prevent card fraud to some extent.

Final Words

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