What is immunity power? - Full Explaination

What is immunity power? - Full Explaination

Hello friends, in this post you can find out what is Immunity. This immunity is very important not only for human beings in this world but for all living beings. 

Because a person cannot survive without this immune system. Thus without this energy, life would be born but it would turn out to be a very difficult one to survive. Now let us know more about this.

What is immunity?

Immunity is the body's defense system against germs that cause disease. This protects the body from any kind of disease. If you do not have this immune system, germs can enter your body without any hindrance and cause disease. And if there is no immunity to stop the proliferation of those microbes there will definitely be loss of life. In short, the immune system is a system that protects the body from germs that spread disease.

How does the immune system work?

This immunity is formed by the white blood cells in the blood. These white blood cells do the job of destroying the germs in the body. As soon as a new germ enters the body, it destroys or expels the germ. No matter what the pathogen, it is beyond these white blood cells that you can cause disease.

Types of immunity

  • Naturally great immunity 
  •  Artificially great immunity 
 As can be classified into two.

Naturally great immunity

  • Naturally, the greatest immunity is the greatest immunity at the time of a living birth.
  • It is an immune system that develops naturally in the body.
  • This immunity stays in the body for a long time. Sometimes even up to the point of dying.
  • Immunity obtained in this way will prevent the disease from coming on overtime.
For Example, a Baby is born with immunity to prevent night blindness.

Artificially great immunity

  • Synthetically or Artificially great immunity is the injection of drugs or drugs into the body artificially Great immunity through eating.
  • This immunity is obtained artificially.
  • In this way, the great immunity becomes active only for a short period of time.
  • Immunity acquired in this way has the potential to repeat the disease for which it was acquired.
For Example, great immunity to the doctor who prescribes medicines for the flu.

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