What is Education?

What is Education?

 Going to school and studying, taking exams, and getting marks Many people think that education is about getting a degree and going to work. But Education is not about going to school and studying or getting marks. Further To understand that the purpose of education is not to go to work and earn wages Read on.

What is education?

In the Tamil sourcebook, Tolkappiyam, the meaning of all the words is marked Note is there. This means that any word has meaning Explanation. Based on this reference what is the meaning of the word education Let's examine it first?

If we divide the word education into two parts it can be divided as Kal+V. "Llamaiyil Kal" We have heard a saying that the "Kal" in this saying refers to education. But the word "Kal" also means an immovable object(Stones)  indicating. A term referring to immovable property, all requirements Also a word denoting the act of providing the necessary training to complete There must be a reason!

How is stone educated?

Historians divide the early period into Paleolithic, Neolithic, and Copper Age, It is usually defined as Iron Age and Golden Age. Which the old Stone Age and Neolithic Age were hunting, agriculture, and defense It was a time when people used stones as tools. At such a time For children,

  • How to shape a stone into a weapon?
  • How to sharpen stones?
  • How to use stone weapons?
  • Use any weapon on any animal to defeat that animal Can?
  • Which stone should be used for plowing and sowing which land?

He would have provided such training. Of training imparted with stone The set itself is called \"Kalvi\" and later for all exercises,   It has become a common name.

What was the education of the ancestors useful for?

  1. Education to obtain food, clothing, and shelter from nature was used.
  2. Education to make proper use of what has been acquired.
  3. Education was used to process and preserve what was left over from use.
  4. Education is used for the proper disposal of waste generated by use.
  5. Education was used to predict and recover from natural disasters.
  6. Education was used to protect and maintain body parts.
  7. And education was useful for many reasons.

What is education used for today?

  1. Used to finish studying and work as a slave for someone.
  2. To grow the joy that you can buy everything with the money you get is used
  3. Used to create children with no understanding of nature.
  4. For producing food, clothing, and shelter A contrasting understanding of maintenance and disposal of the wastes thus generated Used for sowing.

Especially for schools in today's environment where education has become a big business,   It is up to us as parents to impart life education to our children Obligatory.

Education is based on the saying that what doesn't break in five won't break in fifty A misconception is being spread that it is only for children. In fact,   At any age, if one has the desire and strives for it Anything can be learned. For example, any child at the age of five Even at the age of ten, doesn't learn to drink, smoke, and grow up well Only adults learn such habits. Now in five See for yourself if the adage that doesn't bend at fifty is true Think about it.

Which is the best education?

Along with basic education, anyone has any interest or any ability Only if we train them based on what is natural They can excel in it. To whom and which department Would it be better? In which field do they have an interest? In any field Can they rise to a good level? Find out and practice accordingly Giving is the best education.

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