What is Darkweb?

What is the Dark Web?

The dark side of the internet is called dark web. True to its name it is not easily accessible by anyone. And no one can easily trace its users. That is why illegal goods, including drugs, are sold through the dark web. The darkweb is not subject to the laws imposed by countries around the world to prevent crimes on the Internet.

Dark Web and Deep Web (Depp Web)

Deep web is the area of ​​websites that do not get caught in the search engine. If you have to visit such websites, it is important that you know the exact address of that particular website. The dark web is just a small drop in the vastness of the deep web. Dark web is also called dark net by some. Dark Net and Dark Web are mostly used for illegal money transactions. You can browse the deep web if you have a valid address. However, the dark web remains hidden.

How does this dark web work

The dark web is like browsing the web through a private window or incognito tab in a browser. Browsing history and cache memory are recorded in the browser while browsing. Similarly, you need some specialized software like Tor to access the dark web. Similarly, the USP of the Dark Web cannot be identified. A USB contains information about the owners of a particular website. Also, the information about where the websites are operating on the deep web is hidden.

Video Guide about the Tor Browser

Is the dark web safe?

While the security of personal information is questionable outside of the normal internet we use, information theft is even more prevalent on the dark web. It is said that bank account details, passwords etc. are more likely to be stolen on the dark web. Therefore, people who do not have sufficient technical knowledge about the dark web should not access this dark web to protect the computer and your information.

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