How to add Syntax Highlighting box with Download option, copy function and code raw view option on Blogger?

Syntax Highlighting box with Download option

Hi Friends, Welcome come to our Pixabin Official blog. In This Article, We Are a Guide on How to add a Syntax Highlighting box with a Download option, copy function, and code raw view option on Blogger. This script is very useful for coding bloggers. And, this syntax highlighter box Script gives the way to provide your work with good experience.

So, this syntax highlighter box Script is very helpful to you. And we are a Guide on how to add this syntax highlighter box on your blogger website.

First, you want to understand what is syntax highlighter, how it works, and some important things about this syntax highlighter box Script. After we are Guide how to set up this syntax highlighter box on your blogger website.

What is a Syntax highlighter?

Syntax highlighter box helps to show codings like HTML, CSS, JS, jQuery, and more coding Languages. This syntax highlighter box is not for the normal text format. This is only for coding languages. Because coding language is not common. It is really very confusable. So, these coding languages easily mix with normal text on your website. So, users cannot copy or understand or find the various correctly. So, this syntax highlighter box is a simple solution for this problem. Now your user easily understands and finds the various coding and text.

How it works this syntax highlighter box ?

The Syntax highlighter box helps to show the coding languages on your website. This Syntax highlighter box was not a normal syntax highlighter box. This box has four features for your website visitors. So, this Syntax highlighter box Script is very helpful to attract your visitors. So, let's see the four features below

Feature 1 - Copy Function

This syntax highlighter box Script is coming with a Copy on the Clipboard Option. This option helps to directly copy and paste activities on the computer.

Feature 2 - Download Timer

The second feature is the downloader function. This downloader feature is very common to think on the website. Syntax highlighter with download timer features is very very rare. So, this is literally like that copy function. But this function gives the way to download the copy of the file on your device. So, your store the coding files temporarily or permanently on your computer. And users can easily share the file from one person to another person.

Feature 3 - Raw View option

The third feature is the Raw Coding View. This option gives a way to see the source code only. That means your blog elements are temporarily removed. Only show the coding on the display like GitHub raw coding view.

Feature 4 - Custom Name

Custom Name helps to give a separate name to your syntax highlighter boxes. So, this option helps to identify the syntax highlighter es.

Now see the advantage and disadvantages of this Syntax highlighter box Script

Pros and Cons of this Syntax highlighter box

This syntax highlighter box Script comes with some interesting and bad thoughts. So, first, read the article fully after deciding about this syntax highlighter box Script installation on your website.


    Gives the premium look Increase visiting time attractive skin layout Response design raw view option included Custom Name option included


    affect loading speed Need coding knowledge to manage this syntax highlighter box Need coding knowledge for installation

Ok, let you reach the vital step of this article. Now the setup guidelines to how to add Syntax highlighter box Script on blogger. Now follow the below guidelines carefully.

How to add Syntax highlighter box Script on blogger step-by-step Guidelines

Step 1: First back up your blogger template. Because you can make any mistake theme will be cracked. So, make the safety of your theme files.

Step 2: First of all Login into your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 3: On Blogger Dashboard, click the Theme Section.

Step 4: Click the arrow down icon next to the 'customize' Option.

Step 5: Next, Click the Edit HTML Option, and you will be redirected to the Themes editing page.

Step 6: Now search the code ]]></b:skin>  tag or /*]]>*/</style> Tag and paste the following CSS Codes just above to it.

      /* Code Box by The Pro Project*/ .pre{background:#f6f6f6;color:#2f3337;direction: ltr;position:relative;border-radius:3px;overflow:hidden;margin:1.7em auto} 
.pre pre{margin:0;color:inherit;background:inherit;display:block;position:relative;font-size:13px;line-height:1.6em;border-radius:3px;padding:30px 20px 20px;-moz-tab-size:2;tab-size:2;-webkit-hyphens:none;-moz-hyphens:none;-ms-hyphens:none;hyphens:none; overflow:auto;direction:ltr;white-space:pre} 
.pre:not(.str) .prCd{display:none}
.pre.str .prTl{display:none;}
.pre.adv pre{padding-top:60px}
.preM{position:absolute;top:0;right:0;left:0;width:100%;background: rgba(0,0,0,.04);padding:10px 10px 10px 20px;display:flex;justify-content:space-between;align-items:center;flex-wrap:nowrap;z-index:2}
.preT{font-size:12px;font-family: var(--fontC);line-height:1rem;position:relative;overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;text-overflow:ellipsis;padding-right:10px;}
.preA button{outline:none;border:none;width:30px;height:30px;background:#d9d9d9;padding:0;margin:0;border-radius:50%;transition:border-radius .2s ease;display:inline-flex;align-items:center;justify-content:center;cursor:pointer;}
.preA button:hover{border-radius:40%;}
.preA button >svg{width:18px;height:18px;stroke:none;fill:#2e2e2e;transition: all .5s ease;}
.pre.cpd .prCp svg, .pre.pnd .prDl svg, .pre.dwn .prDl svg{animation: jiggle 1s}
.pre.cpd .prCp svg .a,.pre:not(.cpd) .prCp svg .b{opacity:0}
.pre.dwn .prDl svg .a, .pre.pnd .prDl svg .a,.pre:not(.pnd) .prDl svg .b,.pre:not(.dwn) .prDl svg .c{opacity:0}
@keyframes jiggle{0%{transform:rotate(0)}20%{transform:rotate(26deg)}40%{transform:rotate(-26deg)}60%{transform:rotate(26deg)}80%{transform:rotate(-26deg)}100%{transform:rotate(0)}}
@-webkit-keyframes jiggle{0%{transform:rotate(0)}20%{transform:rotate(26deg)}40%{transform:rotate(-26deg)}60%{transform:rotate(26deg)}80%{transform:rotate(-26deg)}100%{transform:rotate(0)}}

Step 7: Next, Find the tag </body> or some template will be &lt;/body&gt; and add the JavaScript below and above it:

0<document.querySelectorAll('div.pre.nb').length&&(() => {
let preD = document.querySelectorAll('div.pre.nb');
function saveDoc(x, d, n) {
    if (n = typeof n == 'string' ? n : 'text/plain', d = typeof d == 'string' ? d : 'File_' + (new Date).getTime() + '.txt', x) {
        n = new Blob([x], {
            type: n
        if (navigator.msSaveBlob) return navigator.msSaveBlob(n, d); {
            let x = window.URL.createObjectURL(n),
                c = document.createElement("a");
            c.classList.add('hidden'), c.href = x, = d, document.body.appendChild(c),, c.remove(), window.URL.revokeObjectURL(x)
for (let r = 0; r < preD.length; r++) {
    let b = preD[r];
    let x = b.dataset.text || 'File_' + (new Date).getTime(),
        e = b.dataset.file || x,
        _ = b.dataset.lang || '.txt',
        m = 'undefined' !== typeof b.dataset.time ? isNaN(Number(b.dataset.time)) ? 'false' === b.dataset.time ? 0 : 10 : Number(b.dataset.time) : 10,
        c = 'undefined' === typeof || == 'true',
        d = 'undefined' === typeof b.dataset.copy || b.dataset.copy == 'true',
        n = 'undefined' === typeof b.dataset.view || b.dataset.view == 'true',
        a = b.querySelector('pre'),
        t = a.innerText;
    b.insertAdjacentHTML('afterbegin', "<div class='preM'><div class='preT'><span class='prTl'>" + (null == x ? '&lt;/&gt;' : x) + "</span><span class='prCd'></span></div><div class='preA'>" + (n ? '\x3C!--[ Prev' + "iew ]--><button class='prVw'><svg viewBox='0 0 24 24'><path d='M14,3V5H17.59L7.76,14.83L9.17,16.24L19,6.41V10H21V3M19,19H5V5H12V3H5C3.89,3 3,3.9 3,5V19A2,2 0 0,0 5,21H19A2,2 0 0,0 21,19V12H19V19Z'/></svg></button>" : "") + (c ? "\x3C!--[ Download ]--><button class='prDl'><svg viewBox='0 0 24 24'><path class='a' d='M8 17V15H16V17H8M16 10L12 14L8 10H10.5V6H13.5V10H16M12 2C17.5 2 22 6.5 22 12C22 17.5 17.5 22 12 22C6.5 22 2 17.5 2 12C2 6.5 6.5 2 12 2M12 4C7.58 4 4 7.58 4 12C4 16.42 7.58 20 12 20C16.42 20 20 16.42 20 12C20 7.58 16.42 4 12 4Z'/><path class='b' d='M13,2.03C17.73,2.5 21.5,6.25 21.95,11C22.5,16.5 18.5,21.38 13,21.93V19.93C16.64,19.5 19.5,16.61 19.96,12.97C20.5,8.58 17.39,4.59 13,4.05V2.05L13,2.03M11,2.06V4.06C9.57,4.26 8.22,4.84 7.1,5.74L5.67,4.26C7.19,3 9.05,2.25 11,2.06M4.26,5.67L5.69,7.1C4.8,8.23 4.24,9.58 4.05,11H2.05C2.25,9.04 3,7.19 4.26,5.67M2.06,13H4.06C4.24,14.42 4.81,15.77 5.69,16.9L4.27,18.33C3.03,16.81 2.26,14.96 2.06,13M7.1,18.37C8.23,19.25 9.58,19.82 11,20V22C9.04,21.79 7.18,21 5.67,19.74L7.1,18.37M12,16.5L7.5,12H11V8H13V12H16.5L12,16.5Z'/><path class='c' d='M12,2A10,10 0 0,0 2,12A10,10 0 0,0 12,22A10,10 0 0,0 22,12A10,10 0 0,0 12,2M12,20C7.59,20 4,16.41 4,12C4,7.59 7.59,4 12,4C16.41,4 20,7.59 20,12C20,16.41 16.41,20 12,20M7,15H17V17H7V15M10.3,11.2L8.4,9.3L7,10.7L10.3,14L17,7.3L15.6,5.9L10.3,11.2Z'/></svg></button>" : "") + (d ? "\x3C!--[ Copy ]--><button class='prCp'><svg viewBox='0 0 24 24'><path class='a' d='M20,16V4H8V16H20M22,16A2,2 0 0,1 20,18H8C6.89,18 6,17.1 6,16V4C6,2.89 6.89,2 8,2H20A2,2 0 0,1 22,4V16M16,20V22H4A2,2 0 0,1 2,20V7H4V20H16Z'/><path class='b' d='M20,16V10H22V16A2,2 0 0,1 20,18H8C6.89,18 6,17.1 6,16V4C6,2.89 6.89,2 8,2H16V4H8V16H20M10.91,7.08L14,10.17L20.59,3.58L22,5L14,13L9.5,8.5L10.91,7.08M16,20V22H4A2,2 0 0,1 2,20V7H4V20H16Z'/></svg></button>" : "") + '</div></di' + "v>");
    let i = b.querySelector('.prVw'),
        l = b.querySelector('.prDl'),
        f = b.querySelector('.prCp'),
        W = b.querySelector('.prCd');
    null !== i && i.addEventListener('click', () => {
        var x = '#252526';
        x = '<!DOCTYPE html><html><head><title>' + e.replace(/\./g, "").replace(/ /g, "_") + _ + "</title><meta content='width=device-width,initial-scale=1,user-scalable=1,minimum-scale=1,maximum-scale=5' name='viewport'/><meta content='" + x + "' name='theme-color'/><meta content='" + x + "' name='msapplication-navbutton-color'/><meta content='" + x + "' name='apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style'/><link rel='shortcut icon' type='image/png' href=''><style>body{min-height:100vh;background:#252526;color:#fff}*{margin:0;padding:0}html{line-height:1em;background:#1d1f21;color:#c5c8c6}pre{white-space:pre-wrap;word-wrap:break-word;word-break:break-all;padding:20px}pre i{font-style:normal}</style></head><body><div class='pre'>" + a.outerHTML + '</div></body></html>';
        x = new Blob([x], {
            type: 'text/html'
        window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob ? window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob(blobObject, fileName) : (x = window.URL.createObjectURL(x),, '_blank'), window.URL.revokeObjectURL(x))
    null !== l && l.addEventListener('click', () => {
        l.disabled = !0;
        let c = m;
        b.classList.add('pnd', 'str'), W.innerHTML = 0 !== m ? 'Please wai' + "t " + c + 's...' : 'Please wai' + 't...';
        let a = setInterval(() => {
            0 !== m && --c, 0 !== m && (W.innerHTML = 'Please wait ' + c + 's...'), c <= 0 && (clearInterval(a), setTimeout(() => {
                W.innerHTML = 'Downloading...', setTimeout(() => {
                    b.classList.remove('pnd'), b.classList.add('dwn'), saveDoc(t, e.replace(/\./g, "").replace(/ /g, "_") + '_by_The_Pixabin_Official' + _, 'text/plain'), W.innerHTML = 'Download started...', setTimeout(() => {
                        b.classList.remove('dwn', 'str'), l.disabled = !1
                    }, 3e3)
                }, 2e3)
            }, 1e3))
        }, 1e3)
    null !== f && f.addEventListener('click', () => {
        var x = getSelection(),
            c = document.createRange();
        c.selectNodeContents(a), x.removeAllRanges(), x.addRange(c), document.execCommand('copy'), x.removeAllRanges(), f.disabled = !0, b.classList.add('cpd'), setTimeout(function() {
            b.classList.remove('cpd'), f.disabled = !1
        }, 3e3)

Step 8: Save the HTML changes by clicking on this icon.

Step 9: Then go to the page/post or place to which you want to add the code box.

Step 10: Then if you are doing this in page/post then don't forget to change Compose view to the HTML view.

Step 11: Now paste the following HTML code to that place.

 <div class='pre nb' data-text='typecode' data-file='filename' data-lang='fileformat' data-time='true' data-download='true' data-copy='true' data-view='true'>
      <!-- Code -->

Step 12: Then Save or Publish.

Custom Modification

  • data-text is the type of code, e.g. CSS, HTML, or JavaScript
  • data-download is to show the download button true or false
  • data-file is the download name of the File
  • data-view is to show the preview button true or false
  • data-lang is the format of the file, for example: .css, .js, .html, .txt .
    If it is not changed it will remember the default which is .txt
  • data-download,data-copy, data-view these three changes are not necessary.
  • data-copy is to show copy button true or false
  • <!-- Code --> Enter your code here
  • If you write direct HTML code here it won't work. You need to use HTML PARSER to change the HTML code

Video Guidelines

Final Words

We hope this post is absolutely helpful to you. If you like syntax highlighter script please make follow our website on youtube and Google News Platforms

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