Symptoms of labor pain in pregnant women

pregnant womens

Hello friends today is Pregnant in this blog Here are some of the symptoms of labor pain in women We will find out. Generally, when do pregnant women have a baby Even if the desire to be born comes from, children are going to be born Not knowing what the symptoms are  There are Children To be born   Only if you know the signs to go Facilitate hospitalization will be And of these Find out what the symptoms look like.

What pregnant women should know:

Pregnant women are in the first month of their third trimester from  It is very important to be careful. In a trimester like this,     A few women are likely to experience false labor pains during their period There will be more.

A few women will give birth even in the seventh month, and a few In the ninth month there will be labor, and such labor pains  Let's find out what the causes are.

Signs of Childbirth:

It is very easy to find out that the time of delivery is approaching, ie The baby in the pregnant woman's womb is under the genital area If the baby is overweight and the upper abdomen is slightly distended, it is one week to give birth Pregnant women can know that there is.

Although these are unknown to pregnant women, the elders in the household They predict, and pregnant women stand in front of the mirror and look will know.

Next is the baby's head and stomach  Urine while in the area Gives more pressure while subtracting. Likewise, on the day of Pravam As you get closer, more urine keeps coming.

As the time of delivery approaches, the female genital area expands and will continue, but they cannot know this, the doctor It can only be known during testing. During delivery, The genitalia  10 cm will be enlarged.

Similarly, when the delivery period approaches, pregnant women have diarrhea These are the hormones called prostaglandins Surabi softens the uterus and cleanses the intestines for a smooth delivery will do

Some women experience pelvic pain, back pain, and then when it's time to give birth If the pain is coming from minute to minute, it is a sign of labor is From time to time the ice cap breaks and water emerges for some.

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