Mobile security for android Operating Systems

mobile security for android Operating Systems

Mobile security for android Operating Systems

The below topics are covers the mobile security tips for Android Operation System.

Update system software regularly

Don't ignore the system updates coming to your Android mobiles and keep updating them regularly. These system updates increase the security of your Android mobile.

Regular apps updates

Update the apps downloaded on your Android phone regularly or once a month.

Avoid third-party apps

You should avoid installing third-party mobile applications on your Android mobile. There are high chances of it containing malware or virus.

Avoid clicking unwanted links

Do not click on unnecessary links or post your personal information in messages and emails.

Avoid visiting unsecured sites on the browser

A lock icon appears in the search bar while browsing the web. It stands for SSL certificate. It is better not to open websites without this SSL Certificate.

Limited Internet usage

Most of the security issues in Android mobile come from the Internet. Avoid using the internet as much as possible.

Secure internet connection settings

Use the Internet connection when you need it and turn it off when you don't need it.

Secure wifi connection

Avoid using free wifi connections available in public places and shopping malls. These are unprotected.

Secure Bluetooth tooth connection

Use the BlueTooth feature on your Android mobile when you need it and turn it off when you don't need it.

Use a strong password for your device

All the passwords you use on your Android mobile should be more than 10 digits. If you are using pattern lock it is better to use 6 point pattern.

Disable unwanted permission for mobile apps

All the apps you download on your Android mobile need to give permission. Some of these apps ask for unnecessary permissions. Find such apps and disable unnecessary permissions.

Use authorized security protection apps

Better to use paid Android mobile protection apps. This will provide additional protection to your mobiles.

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