If you do this before planting the plants, the plant will thrive

before planting the plants

Hello friends! After planting the plant, you worry that it will not grow at all. There are a few things to consider before planting. If you look at it and plant it, the plant will grow better. It is not that this plant will not grow. Before planting, know how to care for the plant until it grows. In this post, we will know what to consider before planting the plant.

The place to plant the plant

The first thing to consider before planting is the location. You should choose the size of the space depending on the plant you are planting. If you put a tree plant it will grow bigger. So choosing the location is an important one.

Benefits of sunlight

Sunlight is essential for healthy plant growth. So the place you choose to plant the plant should be exposed to sunlight.

Must be free of weeds

The place chosen for planting should be weed free. The presence of weeds will affect the growth of the plant.

How to choose soil.?

Soil is important for plant growth. The plant should be planted knowing which plant will grow in which soil. Only then will the plant grow well.

Soil moisture

The soil moisture should be observed in the place where the plant is chosen to be planted. Soil moisture is important for plant growth.

Method of composting

Let's dig a hole to put the plant. Goat dung, dry leaves, compost, etc. should be used in that pit. If artificial fertilizer is used, the amount should be checked.

Climate Change Movement

Plants should be planted knowing the climate. If the plants are planted in summer, the plants will not grow due to high heat. Autumn and spring are the best times for planting.

As mentioned above, if you take care of the plants before planting, the plants will grow well.

Let's grow trees!

Let's get rain.!

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