Do you know the reason why sea water is salty?

Do you know the reason why sea water is salty?

Hello dear friends... In today's post, we are going to see about something that we all need to know. There are many types of water bodies in this world. Rivers, lakes, ponds, waterfalls, rivers, and seas go on and on.

We can say that the earth we live on is surrounded by water. Half of the earth is covered by water. You know how many water bodies there are in our country alone. You will have noticed all the water bodies. All water flows into the ocean.

But why only seawater is saltier than other water. Do you know why seawater is salty? Have you ever wondered why..? This post will be useful for those who think so.

Why is sea water salty..?

The ocean has a very large area. The length of the ocean cannot be measured. The water in the ocean goes everywhere. Why is only seawater saltier than other waters? You can find out the reason for this.

Rainwater that falls on the ground mixes with carbon dioxide in the aquifer. Therefore, rainwater becomes slightly carbonic in nature. Acidic rainwater erodes rocks as they pass over them.

Charged atoms are formed due to the chemical change that occurs during this process. These atoms are called ions.

These ions mix with rainwater in floods and enter the sea through other bodies of water. These ions remain in the ocean.

90% of these ions are sodium and chloride is the most abundant. Apart from that, they are very salty.

It is because these ions stay in the ocean that the sea water is salty. Also, sea salt does not escape when seawater evaporates. That is why sea water is salty.

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