Does running the air conditioner 24 hours increase the electricity bill? A simple solution to this problem


How to Save Electricity with Air Conditioner: Every year when the summer season starts, this question arises in the mind of many people that how the summer heat is going to wither us this year. Before the arrival of summer, electronics companies announce discounts on items like air coolers, ACs, cooler pans, and table pans. 

So many people think of buying new air conditioners during summer. In this post, you can see how you can reduce your monthly current bill, especially if you buy a new AC by keeping some important points in mind before buying an AC.

Tricks 1

The stabilizer is mandatory for all AC. There is a separate tripper to switch on and off the stepper. Don't forget to stop the AC with that tripper after using it. Because when the tripper is on, some current is always passing through the AC. At the same time, the AC is off but if any short circuit occurs in the house while the tripper is on then the AC will definitely be affected. So it is essential to keep the tripper off when the AC is not in use.

Tricks 2

Some people prefer to stay cool all the time. Such people tend to turn the AC on high at night and sleep wrapped up. Sleeping like this can damage our health. Apart from that, the current bill will also increase. Studies show that for every degree of temperature reduction in AC, the current increases by 6%. 

For example, researchers say that 6*4 = 24% electricity can be saved if a person sleeps with the AC at 18 and sleeps at 24.

Tricks 3

In some people's houses, setting the AC to 18 only makes their room feel cold. This is due to excessive dust in the AC. It is very important to clean the blower that can be in the AC at least once in two weeks. Cleaning does not take much time. By cleaning the build-up in the AC you can save more on the current bill. Mainly AC should be serviced at least once a year.

Tricks 4

While using the AC in winter, some people feel very cold in the middle of the night. So set the timer so that the AC turns off automatically after 2 midnight during the cold season. By this, you can easily reduce the current bill.

Tricks 5

Many people not only switch on the AC at night but also have a habit of sleeping with a fan on. This will definitely increase the current bill. 9 Studies show that running a fan is equivalent to running an AC. Such people switch the AC from swing mode and keep it in their desired direction for half an hour. Definitely no fan. In addition, it can save the 9th of the current bill.

Tricks 6

In a room where AC is used, generally, there should not be a gap to the outside air. Electricity can also be saved by closing all the windows and closing the gaps under the door. This post is very useful for those who want to save electricity with AC.

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