Computer Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Best regards to all friends from the pixabin blog.! Computer software has become a tool that runs the entire world today. Because the use of computer has increased in all jobs. From small children to adults, computer use has become more common. 

All of us are used to using the mouse while using the computer. You can easily complete work with the keyboard on the computer without a mouse. For this, you need to know the keyboard shortcut keys. This post will be very useful for all of you. Ok, guys now let's know some keyboard shortcuts available on the computer..!

Ctrl Shortcuts On Keyboard

CTRL Shortcuts On Keyboard (computer keyboard shortcuts)
Ctrl +N Ctrl +N button to open a new window Press.
Ctrl +A Press the Ctrl +A button to select all Do it.
Ctrl +B Press Ctrl + B to make your typed text bold Do it.
Ctrl +I What you have typed and selected in Italic style Click Ctrl + I to change.
Ctrl +U Underline your selected text Press the Ctrl +U button to do.
Ctrl +F Ctrl +F to search for a word opens Find. in it You can search by entering that word.
Ctrl +S Ctrl +S to save the file you are currently using (Save) button should be clicked
Ctrl +X To cut a file from one place and paste it to another place will be used. (The file will be completely removed at the place of cut)
Ctrl +C Used to copy one File to another 
Ctrl +Ins Copy a word from one place to another place Used to paste (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc)
Ctrl +V Ctrl +V option to paste the file you copied Use 
Ctrl +Y Click Ctrl +Y (Redo) button to go to the previous action Do it.
Ctrl +Z If you want to return after deleting what you typed Click on the Ctrl +Z option. (Go to Previous Action)
Ctrl +P To print the current page Click Ctrl +P.
Ctrl +K Select the word you typed and place the Hyperlink Press Ctrl +K.

Alt Shortcuts On Keyboard

ALT Shortcut Keys In Keyboard (computer keyboard keys)
Alt + F File (Menu) in the current application Just click the Alt + F button to open.
Alt + E Open the Edit option of the application you are currently using Press the Alt + E button to do.
Alt + Tab Alt to switch from one Application to another Application Click +Tab.
Alt+F4 To close the open application (Close) Just press the Alt+F4 button. 

F Key Shortcuts On Keyboard

Function (F) keys on keyboard shortcuts
F1 Press F1 to open the “Help” option Let's do it.
F2 Click the F2 button to rename the selected file Let's do it.

Shift Delete Keyboard Shortcut

Shift Delete Keyboard Shortcut (computer shortcut keys)
Shift +Del To delete a file from a location Click the Shift +Del option.
Shift +Ins This Shift +Ins button to paste the copied or cut file Let's press.

Shortcuts For Windows Key On Keyboard

Windows Key On Keyboard Shortcuts (computer shortcut keys)
Windows Key + E Press the Windows Key + E button to open File Manager directly Do it.
Windows Key + L To shut down your computer completely Press the shortcut key Windows Key + L.

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