So strong for just a 6 second kiss? - Do you know what the Gottman Method ?

 Couples and lovers think of many ways to save their relationship. But, at some point, some fights, disagreements and arguments are inevitable.

However, they will not fail to continue working to resolve differences with their partners. Couple therapy is one of the important solutions for that. This therapy can help those lovers or couples grow closer to each other. This helps to understand the root cause of the problem.

Here are some ways to do it:

1. Reflective listening

Instead of making them feel that your partner is wrong, you can make them realize how it has hurt you. That is, when you say it's because of you, point out I'm the answer. For example, you can say that it is wrong for you to do this, but you can say that it is difficult for me to do this.

2. Find Deep Topics To Talk About

Talking with your partner about ideologies and principles can help deepen your connection with them. Accordingly, we can talk about philosophy, history, politics, culture, spirituality etc. to understand each other deeply and mutually.

3. Express Appreciation

While it's common sense to point out and criticize a partner's faults, it's also important to frequently praise their good deeds. Make sure you praise your romantic partner rather than criticizing them. This will make him feel how important he is among them.

4. The 6-second kiss

Dr. John Gottman has mentioned in his book that this method will give good progress to restore the love relationship that is in conflict. Because when a person kisses his partner for more than 6 seconds, the stress level in the mind will decrease. He mentioned that through this small fights will be dusted off and good connection will be made between couples or lovers.

5. Have fun

Instead of focusing on sex and anxiety, focus on intimacy and having fun with your partner. Don't force yourself or your partner to have sex.

6. Make elaborate plans

Surprise your partner by giving them surprise gifts or taking them out for dinner to boost their interest in you. Spend time with them and slowly build their trust in you.

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