What is QR Code? Quick Response Code Explained

What is QR Code? 

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. QR Code code is consisting of rows of black and white squares has been created. It can be a smartphone, bar code reader, or scanner By electronic machines Arranged in a readable manner is code. 

Who Made QR Code? 

QR Code is from Denso Wave, an automobile manufacturer in Japan Created by engineer Hara Masahiro in 1994.

What is a QR code created for?

Initially used in automobile manufacturing. Currently, this QR Code is Widely used for various purposes.

For example,     One's contact information should be included in the QR Code In the case of another person electronic devices like smartphones Can be exchanged quickly and very easily.

And if you want to say easily, QR codes on our Aadhaar card Prints are being used. This is the highest in the world A printed QR Code application.

Dear Prime Minister of our country Mr. Narendra Modi's Digital India is a successful dream project. A feature of the scheme is present in digital money transactions It is very easily used by all common people  UPI (Unified Payments Interface) i.e Unified Payment Interface QR It works in a code-centric manner.

How to Make a QR Code? 

Friends Creating QR Code is very easy. your address, Email address, website address, phone number, blood type, everything Generate information quickly and easily through QR Code Generator can

Many free websites provide this QR Code Generator facility. However, you may need to register to log in. Further Codes generated by some websites for a limited period of time will expire.

QR Code Generator on our Pixabin Blog for your use Created and you can use it for free and without expiration. Click the button below and scan the QR Code you need can be created.

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