What is CPC, CPM, CPA, CTR, RPM in Adsense

In this post, we will know in detail the AdSense Measurements that everyone who earns money with Google Adsense or wants to earn money. By spending time reading this post you can keep your AdSense Account safe.

What are CPC, CPM, CPA, CTR, and RPM?


CPC = Cost per Click

CPC is a click on an ad. CPC is the most popular and known word in Google Adsense. This determines the income of one's YouTube, App, and Website. Different amount of money is received from Advertisers for each keyword on websites. When the ads displayed in Adsense are clicked, the advertiser who runs the ad goes to the website of the advertiser and can be made to perform the necessary actions on that website.


CPM = Cost per Mile (or) Cost per Thousand

The word M in CPM stands for 1000 in Roman letters. So CPM is also known as Cost per Thousand. CPM refers to the amount paid by advertisers to publishers for viewing 1000 ads on Adsense.

How to Measure CPM:

CPM = Total amount spent / Total Impressions × 1000


If an advertiser advertises for $100 and 10,000 impressions are displayed, the CPM for the publisher is $10 per 1000 impressions.


CPA = Cost per Action (or) Cost per Acquisition

CPA is the action that makes the advertiser earn money by clicking the ad and selling his product on the advertiser's website, getting the user to log in, and selling any service like download, insurance, etc. is called CPA. This CPA can give more income to Publisher from Adsense.


CTR = Click through Rate

CTR is used by Google Adsense to measure the number of clicks per view. It is this CTR that is a challenge for most YouTubers and Website Owners. Why previously Adsense Account will be disabled when CTR is more than 15%. But now in 2022, Google has made a lot of changes, if the CTR is high, they deduct the money from Invalid Traffic. And they suspend the advertisement for specific days. If you have 15% CTR from different locations then there will be no problem.


RPM = Revenue per Mile (or) Revenue per Thousand

Rpm is a measurement used to know the performance of the website. The total revenue per 1000 page views is shown in RPM. Depending on the CPC and CTR the RPM will be higher and lower. The higher the CPC the more elevated the RPM. The lower the CPC the lower the RPM.

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