How to prevent laptop overheating?

How to prevent laptop overheating?

How to prevent laptop overheating? Try Super Tips (How To Reduce Laptop Heat)..! Normally everyone is using a laptop a lot now a day, so when the laptop is used for a long time daily, the laptop heats up more. There are some ways to fix this problem, just follow them properly and we can get rid of this problem..! 

Well, let's read about how to prevent laptop heating problems (Laptop Heating Problem Solution) in this section..!

Laptop Heating Problem Solution

There are many reasons for a laptop to heat up, from the environment to the software. However, overheating of the laptop is a hassle that laptop users face on a daily basis. There are various reasons for this. Starting with room temperature, it has a significant correlation with the software used on the laptop. Especially when using the laptop from an AC room, the heating is somewhat controlled. However, it is important to know the main causes of hot flashes and how to prevent them.

Laptop Fan: (Laptop Fan)

A small motor fan runs to remove the heat generated in the chip, IC, circuit board, etc. when users use the laptop. This fan is located on the side of the laptop. It sometimes gets dusty and clogs the hot air vents. Due to this, the heat cannot escape and the laptop gets hot. So, you need to remove the laptop often and remove the dust inside. You can buy a laptop vacuum cleaner for this and use it.

Lap Desk:

Also, especially when using the laptop on a table, there is no way for air to flow underneath it. This can also cause the laptop to heat up. For this, you can use any two objects and put the laptop on top of it to facilitate the flow of air under the laptop.

Laptop cooler (laptop cooling pad):

Similarly, a dedicated gadget like a laptop cooling pad is available online and at computer stores. It runs on power from USB. Just place this fan under the laptop. The hot air generated inside the laptop is discharged directly through the bottom.


Likewise, when multiple software and applications are open at the same time, the heat is high. So, avoid using memory-intensive software as much as possible. If such important software is very memory intensive, other software should not be used while using it.

Environment: (Atmosphere)

Laptop users should use the laptop from a cool place as much as possible. During the day when the sun is shining, do not use the laptop near the window so that it gets hot from the sun. Therefore, the laptop should be used in consideration of the environment as well.

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