How to make our websites visible on Google on my search?

How to make our websites visible on Google on my search?

How to make my website visible on google. This is the biggest question for all beginners in the blogging field.

Google Search Console

Google search console is a platform that makes your website visible to Google.

Your website will appear in Google's ranking only if you register your website on this website.

Own content writing

The posts you post on your website must be your own creation.

Plagiarizing posts from other sites will only help you increase your post count. This will definitely not help your website rank. Therefore, it is better to create your posts yourself and post them on your site.

Keywords Management

Focusing your article on a specific keyword will increase the chances of your website ranking for that keyword. So create your articles with keywords in mind.

Find the best keyword using keyword research tools

It is very good to use keywords in your website. Each keywords has a value. You can't predict that. To know that you need an SEO Tool called Keyword Planner. Choosing keywords using this will help your website rank more effectively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an important and primary factor that determines the ranking of your website. Any problem with this will directly affect your website ranking.

Focus Visitor readability

Don't design your website for search engines. Your site should be easy for a human to read.


By advertising your website on Google ads you can get it to rank first on the first page of Google. It does not require any of the above qualifications. But this service can be availed only by paying.

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