Plus Ui Blogger Template Free Download Version 2.6

Plus Ui Version 2.6 Blogger Template Blogger template is a very beautiful Blogger template. 

Plus Ui is a UI Design based blogger template. this Plus UI blogger template has come with many features. Like, safelink support, Adblocker, Bookmark feature, Google Translator Support, Rating Feature, and Many More... Plus Ui blogger template was more compatible but has an encrypted script on the Blogger Template. So, You cannot remove these Encrypted Codes.


The Plus Ui blogger template comes with many features that can not explain all the features. explain only some of the features

Fast loading

This Plus Ui Blogger template is a more fast-loading Blogger template. This blogger template gives 90+ google insight points. And you can not load ads on this template this Plus Ui blogger template is Absolutely loaded with 100 points on Google Insight.

Book Mark Feature

The bookmark feature helps to pick some posts temporarily on one page on your website. So, this feature helps to gather some essential post links on the bookmark Page.


This Safelink feature helps to redirect your link to some of the pages like the Download page. this feature shows more ads to your Users and still a long time on your Website.

Google Translator

this plus UI premium blogger template comes with a powerful translation feature associated with google translate. this plus UI theme also covers many more languages around the world.


This Plus UI blogger template has come with a much more powerful scheme markup feature on the plus UI blogger template on the premium blogger template.

Features Available on the Plus Ui Blogger Template

Features Availability
Mobile Responsive Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Schema Markup Yes
SEO Friendly Yes
Ads Ready Yes
Fast Loading Yes
New Featured Post Yes
Shortcode Support No
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnails Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Error 404 Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Search Widget Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Best Responsive Menu And Layout Yes

It accompanies its own CSS Used Pages Design like About Page, Contact Page, and Sitemap Page. These Pages Design and Layout are Really Amazing nobody format furnishes these kinds of pages with their layout.

You Can Check the Demo of these 3 Pages beneath connect:

About us Page:

This theme has Encrypted Scripts. Please Do not remove it. you try to remove them was crash and Some features Could not work.

This theme was provided for education purposes only. Another wise we are not owners of this Theme. Fineshop is a Real owner of this Template. You are the Owner of this Template and If you want to remove this file from my website Please Contact Us Via Contact Form. Thanking You...

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