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How to clear history permanently on YouTube?

How to clear history permanently on YouTube?

Hi dudes, Welcome to Pixabin Blog. This article shows how to permanently clear your data on YouTube. Like watch history and search history. YouTube gives the one option to remove these things directly in the history section. But this is not a proper way to clear history. Your data is still saved on YouTube. And any technical knowledge person can see this data. So, let's see how to delete your data permanently on YouTube.

How to delete your data on youtube Permanently? Step By Step

This video visually shows how to do this data deleting process on youtube. So, See this Youtube Video and Delete your data from Youtube.

In this process, all your YouTube data like watch history and search history can be permanently removed from the youtube server. so, you cannot retire your data after finishing this process.

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  1. I have a problem and I hope you can help me

    im use imagz 1.25 blogger teamplate in may blog

    When I want to implement (safelink page) even external links are affected

    I followed this tutorial

    I did all the steps correctly

    What is the solution in your opinion ?
    I apologize for the language as I use a translator
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