Custom domain vs free domain

custom domain vs free domain

Hi guys, we are going to see this post. if you are going to start a blogger it is free can we run a website or not we can buy a domain and run a website by paying money. Then we have to look at the difference between both the complex domain and the free domain.

Custom Domain:

In other words, a custom domain is where we pay to buy a website address for ourselves. There are many such as .com .in. We can buy it from some companies by paying money. There are many companies like Godaddy, Hostinger, and NameCheap. 

In this, we can buy a .com domain by paying more than 400. It will change in a few months. The domain becomes our own. With this, we can transfer this domain to another place as we think, and there is one good thing about this, but there is another one. It is the renewal of the domain. That is, if we buy the domain for a year, we will have to renew the domain instead of SPIR. The price will be a little high.

Free Domain (

This free domain name is to start a website with Google Blogger. You don't need to pay any money for this. That's a good thing. Also, you don't need to renew it. You can use it for a lifetime. Your difficulty is less rocking than your domain. 

Also, it's a little doubtful that you'll see regular earnings. Also, you can't change anywhere else as you think. Now you know it's in your hand and not your own. That's it friends. That's the difference between a hard domain and a free domain. 

 Now, what is the best in this, as far as I am concerned the domain is the best for you. If you want to buy a custom domain .xyz .in .com is the best domain so if you want to start a blogger then buy a custom domain. Surely you too can earn from this blogging. Congratulations.

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