Advantages & Disadvantages of Blogger

Hello friends. In this post, we are going to clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger. Watch the post till the end. If you are new to website blogger then watch this post till the end. You will definitely find this post useful. Let's see this post.

Blogger Advantages:

In this, we are going to look at each topic. So, it will be easy for you to understand. Also, if you have something wrong with this, then tell us in the comment. Let's see.

Completely Free:

When you look at Blogger, Google gives you everything for free. Google gives you a subdomain called for free. If you don't want it, you can buy the main domain for yourself. But you can buy AdSense in this free domain.

Unlimited Storage:

Hosting is owned by Google, so they give you unlimited storage with Google, so you don't need to renew any hosting. Also, you can save as many records as you want.

Free themes:

In this, you can get many customized templates online. Also, all of them are available for you for free. So you can easily choose the theme you want in any category. Also, this free theme also comes with AdSense.

Spam attack:

In this, you don't have much chance of hacking in Blogger when you are doing WordPress comber. Also, no need for comments can prevent all this easily.

Ad limit:

In this, the opportunity to give Adlimit from Google AdSense is a little gummy. Because it is a platform owned by Google, it takes some time to give an Ad limit.

Learn Easy:

.You can learn faster on it. You can write posts easier on it than on WordPress. Also, you can learn better. That's it friends. Advantages of Blogger. Now let's see what are its disadvantages.

Blogger Disadvantages:

Let's clearly see what are the many disadvantages.

Invalid click:

In this, you have bought AdSense OFFRval.If your opponent who doesn't like it keeps clicking on that ad then they will give you AdSense AdLimit for some time. There is no option in the blocker to block this.

Few Widgets:

It only has a few widgets to customize, so you can't do everything you want. WordPress itself can be done with a blocking.

Basic SEO:

Only Basic SEO can be done in Blogger. Similarly, you can SEO your website better with WordPress.Blocker does not have any plugins so only Basic SEO can be done.

Ad setup:

It is a bit difficult for you to set up an AdSense ad. There is a possibility of some problem when you set it up as a loading ad.

Difficult Coding:

This can only be done if you have some coding when you put in a few download buttons. You can easily block WordPress.

No Hosting control:

It is hosted by Google, so you have no control over it. If there is any problem with this, it is difficult for you to fix it because you are Google's channel.


In this, you can only use one permalink. Permalinks cannot be used for SEO alone, so you have less chance of rocking WordPress.

Simple Category:

Though its ease of learning is a plus for us. It has very few options so it can't do everything you want.

Limited Fonts:

There is less Pontus in it. When it comes to WordPress, you can use Blockin instead of Pontus.

That's all, friends, this Blogger Advantages & Disadvantages post. If you don't have something to say about this, please comment. I will definitely update it. Thank you very much if you have watched this post till the end.

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  1. Still Blogger is best