Professional tips for crypto currency investment

Professional tips for crypto currency investment

Hello, friends welcome back to my blog today's topic is very important you have to know about this topic somewhere Even the information will not be available, does not even talk about it and many people do not even know about it. But the experience is people use it even today and it is profitable in crypto so please I am profitable There is some technique to be there is an investment pattern which I am going to tell you today so video Watch till the end, this topic is very important and I am going to tell you this technique, this is the belt and I will tell you the experience, in the video posted at the beginning of this series, we have discussed the market cycle. 

 I saw about it, hope you understand what exit is, so for now let's see There are two types of people in the market, one who invested before the brand, after 2015 220 The prince who has come has wished him on his first birthday and there are other types of people who have recently If you have invested and the market is correct after that, then you have also done your bike, then there is no need to be afraid. Whatever has happened is done, now we can make it profitable mathematically, I will tell you that. Before knowing this myth, first, understand a golden rule of investment that works with Jaitley This rule is known to all but it does not pose any problem and those who follow it are long It is still profitable in terms and the world's biggest investor has grown up by following it. 

 Warren Buffett Rule Has to Be Fearful Winners And Gaya AB De Valiers Ashraf-ul-Haq It Is Very Logically Important And if you have understood the market cycle beforehand, then you will be able to relate it to many, according to this role. When the market is in our depression face or it slows down again in a lot of markets then we should be Giridih then we should have liked more and more and when recently you must have seen the market We should be fearful when it is on the pickup, then we should do more on our own and ride their bike. What you have to do in investing is what it is said that the golden rule is holding. For example, all pick up to date are the last low of 2030 of the market, the last low of 2017 to the bag of bitcoins Twenty Thousand Dollars in 2017, and the Highest Price of Fourteen Hundred Dollars for this Stadium 28 Whoever bought the festival in 2011 in the middle of 2017 is still profitable, believe it or not,  No matter how much you award it but it is one thing that works in shifts.

 We can wait for 15 to 20 years in the tax stock market, then in crypto, we can wait for four to five years. I don't understand what is the problem with doing this people think please like and react Tow Extend Special will make you become rich, it is not like this every investment is made or set on Russia only Works and you can keep the table only by following investment rules, then I will share some method with you too. I will share that if you all use these 4 minutes now then you will always be profitable in crypto first of all What is Dollar Cost Averaging, so in simple words, By Inch Tejas See if you are planning a specific amount for the example of investing in crypto throughout the year. 

 There were cases for explaining that if I want to invest 2 lakh rupees then I will suggest you these two lakh Rupees, you like it in three to four stages, this too the market has come down a little, bread has done 50% correction So invest a little now, now keep it but send you have invested now, then people for some time after that and talk a little Can you do it even if the market goes down, anyway the boy has become so slow, then a little marketable It does not happen to anyone that the market has gone to zero and runs at the support level and somewhere that support If you keep on moving, then the doctor costs averaging and if you smile while doing it, then your An average price will be set and then if you target to sell it even after 3 to 4 years. Yes, it will still be possible, or else you can do it in such a way that every month little by little You have invested in crypto, thousands of travelers, whatever you think, you will invest ₹ 500 in crypto Friends, invest every month like SIP or talk every three months by taking quarters, well I just Karo yaar can also do mantra, then accordingly you will go by setting the average price and no matter how much Even if the market goes down, you will not have much impact and will remain profitable later. 

 The packet you believe here, you can never motivate the top and bottom of the market, whatever the range is. You have to make a profit out of the range which is in the middle and we have to become profitable. There is a belt sale in this way that you made a mistake, you entered the market at the wrong time, your hi hi price is Brother, anyone has done it, I will tell you, if you fold it for two to three years, then do not sell it. 

 Do look at it from a long-term perspective, if you see mathematically at that place, then you are already in the office. For this, after this the market will go down, go up, tell someone, even if it goes down, we will balance it. If you can and understand that if you have gone up then you can also get time to take the decision, then sell it in the last. 

 There is no benefit to you by doing this, you will have something on the emotional level that I have sold but not mathematically You will do it in the last and we have not come to make losses in crypto, so what is your holding, now fear it There is no need to sell it, you stretch it, hold it and further that I will tell later, by the way, it I will tell you the third method to try to balance mathematically, that thirty percent role only then brother inches. Got it but how to do it which is usually golden then thirty percent if you consider it thirty percent If you buy on percent, the market has fallen a bit for the sample, so talk now, we were again If you fall down, you can talk more and if you go thirty percent under that tree, you can talk more. If so mathematically, if you calculate it, calculate the rate, then you have become profitable. is set at an average price of Rs. So you can be possible in that and this is the Thirty Percent rule, it will work only in investing if According to trading, you will make it thirty percent that you click on continue and share if you average in it. 

 If you go to do these then you will get stuck in options trading, this average Singh rule does not work, it is only,  And if you do it only in investment, then remember this is only a thirty percent roll according to investment. Using Do Not Average at All in Trading Especially in Crypto and There is a Fourth Method for need a lot of patients very much so that is bellow and sell the hi place in the first video If we saw the market cycle, then we must have seen the depression cycle in it, then the depression cycle which has been there for a long time. And this cycle runs for at least five to six months, which is at the bottom of the market. Neenu goes to maintain the market and sets the express time he wants the market to go under him If you don't want it, it is this market or depression cycle, it is called if you are very upset. 

 So you can destroy your portfolio and then whenever you speak connect forget run that cycle I can sell you like he just biked in Zee He can comfortably sell in Twenty One Bluetooth Us Zor Nine In 920 Specifically The Depression Cycle Was Complete Between And All Currency was running on these buttons and after that definitely went to building in the year of 2821 so this method is very You will not know the line and bottom of the questions, but the pressure comes in the market and some time If you will spend in crypto, then you will also know that like market police but all police news comes. 

 In the same way, market depression happens again, then all the negative news keeps going if there is any group. does not want to talk and if we talk there then the most effective way is the fourth one but in this patient If you follow Charudatta, then only you will be your own. You can maintain a portfolio and always be in profit Find out that here money is only double, here money is also half, so those who have seen their solids You will do the right things at the right time, all profitable in crypto, you can sleep and all these things No one will tell you but mathematically this is all the details and you can open anywhere on any chart After doing that analysis, you will see only profit, what type of cancer should be talked about in the rest of it.

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