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Google Drive Direct Link Generator - Lite

Google Drive direct download link generator - Google drive direct link generator lite is a very powerful and fast-loading generator tool.

Google drive direct link generator lite

this tool converts your normal g-drive links within seconds.  This Google Drive Direct Link Generator tool was allowed to generate a direct downloadable link to files you have stored in Google Drive Cloud Storage. 

 A direct link will immediately start downloading the file without redirection to the download page of Google Drive Download Page, Instead of opening the file preview in Google Drive.

Generate Link

Enter your sharing URL: (Scroll down for instructions)
Output link:
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  • Please Set your Visibility as "Anyone with the link" on your google drives selected File. if you set the visibility level on "Restricted". this google drive direct link does not work Properly(This is your wish).
  • This only works for your Uploaded Files on Google Drive. Yes, this method is only worked for Uploaded Files, not for Documents like Docs, Sheets, and Slides.
  • If your file was very large in size. this generated google drive direct link is may open a page that says(that the file is too large for Google to scan for viruses). that page shows a download button to download the file.

How to get Google Drive Shareable URL on Google Drive?

Open Google Drive and right-click the file. Now you see the Options, Now Select the "Get shareable link"

The share window comes up, change the selection "Restricted" to "Any with the link" on the popup window.

After, Click the "Copy link" Button on the Popup Window.

Now, Paste Copied! Google Drive Sharable link on this Google drive direct link generator Tool.

You can generate download links for all kinds of Google drive files. (i.e) Documents, Spreadsheets & Presentations. Documents will download in PDF format. To change the download format of the file, in the generated link, replace =pdf with =doc or =xlsx or =pptx.

When the file size is greater than 100MB, you will see a "too large for Google to scan for virus" alert. In that case, you will have to click on a button to download the file.

Google limits the amount of traffic to a files?

If your file size is smaller than 100MB, the Google Drive API key is optional. If your file size is larger than 100MB, instead of downloading the file, Google will display a "too large for Google to scan for virus" warning. To bypass the warning, Get any error of limitation of download files on Google Drive? Here the solution.

How to use this Google Drive Direct Link Generator Tool?

  • Get the google drive sharable link
  • Paste the Shareable link on this Tool
  • Now, Click the "Create the Link"
  • Now your link is successfully generated
  • Now click the Generated link for copy the Google drive Direct Link
  • Now your google drive link is ready. now your can use this google drive direct link on your Websites. and Share with your Friends.

Video Guide

How to Create a Google Drive Direct Link Generator tool on your Website?

This Script Script Responsive for all platforms like WordPress and Blogger. Just Copy and Implement on your Website. that's All!

<link rel="preload" src=""/>
  input[type=url]{position:relative;width:90%;line-height:1em;font-size:12px;color:#455065;background:#ebeff3;margin-top:10px;padding:15px;border-radius:40px;border:none;outline:0}.PixabingoogleGen{display:flex;justify-content:center;color:#000;flex-wrap:wrap;font-family:var(--fontBa);font-size:14px}.gdCont{width:100%;display:block;position:relative;background:#fff;border-radius:20px;box-shadow:0 10px 40px rgba(149,157,165,.2);padding:0 0 74px;text-align:center;margin:30px 10px 20px}.gdCont p{display:inline-flex;align-items:center;font-size:18px;font-weight:700;font-family:var(--fontBa)}.gdCont p svg{margin-right:5px;fill:#000;height:30px;width:30px}.g-button{display:inline-flex;align-items:center;margin:12px 0;padding:10px 15px;border:0;border-radius:8px;line-height:20px;color:#fffdfc;background:#0f0;font-size:14px}#help-text{font-size:.7rem;margin:10px}
<div class="PixabingoogleGen"> <div class="gdCont"> <p><svg viewbox="0 0 32 32"><path d="M29,19.26a1,1,0,0,0,0-.34s0-.05,0-.08a.94.94,0,0,0-.11-.32v0l-8-14A1,1,0,0,0,20,4H12a1,1,0,0,0-.86.5,1,1,0,0,0,0,1L14.85,12,8,24,5.15,19l5.38-9.41a1,1,0,0,0-1.74-1L3.13,18.5a1,1,0,0,0,0,1l4,7,.16.21h0a1,1,0,0,0,.27.19l.08,0A1,1,0,0,0,8,27H24a1,1,0,0,0,.87-.5l4-7a1,1,0,0,0,.09-.22ZM19.42,6l6.86,12h-5.7L13.72,6ZM18.28,18H13.72L16,14Zm5.14,7H9.72l2.86-5h13.7Z"></path></svg>Generate Link</p><div class="title">Enter your sharing URL:&nbsp;<span class="sub">(Scroll down for instructions)</span></div><input id="input" placeholder="Enter your shareable G-drive Link" type="url" /> <button class="g-button" id="button">Create Direct Link</button> <button class="g-button" onclick="window.location.reload();" type="button"> Reset </button> <div class="title">Output link:</div><input disabled="" id="output" readonly="" type="url" /> <div id="help-text"></div>
    <!--Custom Powerlink-->
  <span face="var(--fontB)" style="bottom: 0px; display: block; font-size: 0.6rem; left: 0px; opacity: 0.3; position: absolute; right: 10px; text-align: center;">Powered by <a href=""><b>Pixabin Official</b></a></span>
<script src=""></script>
Source Codes and Demo

See the Pen Google Drive Direct Link Generator Tool - Pixabin by Pixabinofficial (@Pixabinofficial) on CodePen.

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