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Secure Wi-Fi accessibility mechanisms for the general public

Secure Wi-Fi accessibility mechanisms for the general public

Currently most of the people who use smartphone and mobile phone use internet through Wi-Fi / Hotspot. Most hotels, coffee shops, shopping malls and airports have Wi-Fi connectivity. 

People are at great risk because of the website they use through it. 

Our shutdown details can also be misappropriated when using Wi-Fi without adequate security. There are some ways to prevent it.

  1. Most smartphones are vulnerable to wireless security.
  2. Avoid connecting an unknown person's Wi-Fi to your phone.
  3. Ask the owner for their connection name and IP address when using Wi-Fi in any public place. Use later.
  4. Using the Internet through a virtual private network (VPN) can protect against cyber criminals.
  5. Avoid using personal information, social networking sites, online banking services, etc. with public Wi-Fi.
  6. Keep the off-site information on the website protected by a security solution.

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