Median Ui 1.6 Safelink Blogger Template Free Download - Pixabin Official

Median Ui 1.6 Safelink Blogger Template Free Download - Pixabin Official

Hi Dude, Welcome to our Pixabin Blog. If you Research the Safelink theme For the Blogger Platform. Now your search was ended. we are Provided one of the best Ui Designed Safelink Blogger Templates. 

That Blogger Template Name is Median Ui Safelink Blogger Template.

The Median Ui Safelink Blogger template was very helpful to organize your All Download Links and Give extra revenue from ads. Because this Download  Timer makes the situation to user stay a long time on your blog. so, automatically your ads revenue was Increased.

Median Ui 1.6 Safelink Blogger Template - Overview

This Median Ui theme Was the same as this Normal Median Ui Theme. But this median UI theme had one extra feature. that feature is Safe Link. 

That means you short all Links to redirect your Download Pages on your Blog. This Safe link feature is very helpful to a "theme, software Download websites, and more...".  And, This Safelink Median UI theme is a Very Stylish and Professional Looked Theme.

Features - Median Ui Safelink 1.6

No Feature Availability
1 Best Responsive Yes
2 Google Tool Validator Yes
3 Best SEO Friendly Yes
4 Best Mobile Friendly Yes
5 404 Page Yes
6 New Featured Post Yes
7 Shortcode Yes
8 Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
9 Ads Ready Yes
10 Responsive Footer Yes
11 Social Follow Button Yes
12 Multi Drop Down Yes
13 Best Search Widget Yes
14 Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
15 Social Share Button Yes
16 Email News Letter Widget Yes
17 Recent Post Widget Yes
18 Detailed Documentation Yes
19 Safelink Yes
20 Custom Credits Sure!

Extra Feature - Median Ui Safelink

Safelink Widget 

This Safelink Widget is inbuilt on this Median Ui Theme. This Safelink Accoration Buttionis Placed on the sidebar. if you click this safelink generator button. now you can see Safelink generator Section. you can short any link to Safelink on your Blog. That's All!

Responsive Design 

This Median Ui 1.6 Safe Link Blogger template Comes with More Responsive Features. That means this Median Ui 1.6 Safelink Blogger Template works perfectly on all Devices link Mobile and Pc.

Adsense Friendly

 This Median Ui Safelink Blogger template was extremely AdSense Friendly. This comes with many inbuild  Adsense Ad slots. These ad slots Make your Ad Dipaly Work Easily.

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Final words

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