How to trade on Share Market?

How to trade on Share Market?

Do you know why ordinary people say Share it is gambling and they say that if you invest money in it it will not come back? 

There is also a fact… Those who lose money are more than those who make money in the stock market The main reason for that is some of the things they usually do. 

Let's see what it is and how we can avoid it.

Trade Meaning

Trading In Stock Market refers to the stock we buy and sell on the stock market. 

(Example: I have just bought Tata Motors Stock 100RS and sold it for 110rs at a profit of 10%) Fluctuation of stock refers to the Supply And Demand in it.

Fear Of Loss:

Fear! People who trade more than 50% will come out of the loser halfway through the trade for fear of losing their money. 

But it will make them forget what they bought it for. So think before you sell what you bought in the stock, Futures, or Options you are buying. 

When trading, use the brain without trading with Emotion. Do not expect the stock to remain when you are profitable and then sell it after frying. 

 When I was trading I did Option Trading in which I bought for 15rs and sold it for 60rs but by 3 that day it had gone 500rs. I was frying on the sale for fear that the profit I made would go away. 

 Note: Focus on the next trade so that you do not have to worry about what might or may not happen to you.


Emotion is your enemy in trading. If you control it you are sure to win. When I was trading I was scared at first and lost my temper without thinking of Buy Sell. Then I trade Sindhu and earn money.

Overthinking is dangerous because you should not be too upset when you are at a loss or too happy when the profit comes after you have decided to become a trader. 

After you make a profit, you will think that you can take it like this everyday and leave that profit the next day. So withdraw it as soon as Profit arrives. 

If you are a beginner, take a day off and trade. It seems that you want to trade a lot after taking profit and if you control it you can continue to take profit.


This is an important stage. The holding period is the period from the time you buy a stock until you sell it. This is a very important moment. 

The biggest mistake we all make is holding on to too much time when it is Loss and believing that it is Recover. But it could have ended in Loss. 

 Similarly, when you are out of profit, you are afraid that you will lose and after taking less profit in half and coming out. 

You will regret that I sold it. So set a goal for yourself and come out as soon as you reach that goal. Similarly, control the Loss with a Stoploss so that I can bear this Loss.

I never traded. Where do I start ?:

You make the right decision because there are millions of people who trade and lose money without knowing anything. 

So if we read and trade Basic Trading Concepts we will get a clear idea of what we are doing.

Breakout Trading:

This is a great option if you have never done trading. First, select the stock or options you are going to buy. Then look at its Days High and Day Low. 

Then open its Chart and change it for 15 Minutes (Example: After 10.30 Am Draw A Line At Days High And Days Low.) If you go above the line you draw then Buy and Sell if you go below. 

This is a great workout.

How to trade on Share Market?

You do this regularly. Then, at the end of the day, research why the stock is going up / down. 

You will learn a lot of things. I'm been telling you about trading as far as I know. 

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