How to make money through stock market?

How to make money through stock market?

“Stock Market Investments Beyond Market Risks Carefully Read Project Documents” You have often seen this verse on TV. 

Most people are afraid to come to the Share Market page as soon as they see it. But the truth is that if the stock market is used properly we can easily make the money we need.

 I will tell you how to do it in this post. The stock market is like a shopping mall where there is a naraya company in which you invest in what feels like a good quality company. 

When the value of that company goes up your investment money goes up. This is what they call a stock market. Share market is when you buy shares in your favorite company and sell it after their value is high.

Commonly used for two purposes :

1. Investing (to invest) 

 2. Trading (to Trade)

Investing is an investment in which if you have a sum of money you invest it and after a few years multiply that money and then withdraw. I'll post a separate post on how to do this.

Trading is the act of buying shares in a company and selling them shortly after making a profit. There are five types:

  1. Scalping 
  2. Day Trading (Intraday) 
  3. Momentum Trading 
  4. Swing Trading 
  5. Position Trading 

Traders will trade using these five types. Let's look at this in detail.

1. Scalping:

The Scalping Method is short-term trading. I Will trade 10+ daily. They will charge Rs100 + per transaction and will continue to do so.

2.Day trading / Intraday:

This is the most popular trading method to make more money. It is a full-day trade.

Example: If you buy Share 200 Share Quantity: 500 and it sells after ₹ 202 then you have a profit of ₹ 1000 (Quantity * Increase Amount) 500 * 2 = 1000.

You can buy and sell according to the market, ie you can sell for ₹ 100 shares and then buy for ₹ 98 after the price drops. Its name is Short Selling.


You can buy more shares in the remaining investment using the Leverage Option Intraday. That means you can invest ₹ 100 and buy Stock 10 Quantity for 100 rupees. Your Account Provider will pay for it, but you may lose out if you fail to focus on making more profit.

3. Momentum trading:

This trading method is done using the Method Breakout. Now when a company share goes up or down they will buy it and give it a buy or sell. Profit from someone who climbs or pity.

4. Swing Trading:

Swing Trading is Short Term Trading which means if you know that a company share price will go up in a week then you can buy it at a gummy price and sell it after the price goes up.

This is a trading risk trading method. One day the share price goes down and the next day it goes up so it is known among the people as riskless trading.

Example: If you have ₹ 1lakh it is a method to invest in a company that is known to climb well and sell it for ₹ 1.5 Lakh and make a profit immediately (1 Week).

5. Position Trading:

This trading Method Swing has changed. But Position Trading is the process of holding shares and getting higher returns on a monthly basis. Method is.

Important Note:

I will only say good things about the stock market but if you make a wrong decision in choosing a company it will give you a lot of losses. So put the rest of the money and go to your expense. Don & # 39; do not waste too much money.

Remember the “greedy bigotry”.

I'll talk about the stock market as easily as I can. I will sort it out.

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