How To Enable Adsense Ads On Blogger and Wordpress

Adsense Ads

Enable Adsense Ads Approval for your Blogger after purchase. There are two types of ads. 

They have two types of Advertising Settings: Auto Ads and By Ad unit. 

Enabling Auto Ads on these is easy. Once you have purchased your Blogger AdSense approval you need to go to your AdSense page and set it up. 

It has been said by Google that when you place these Auto Ads on your Blogger you will get an additional 40% more money through advertising. 

By Ad unit Ads You can place these ads wherever you want on your blogger. 

We will see in detail how to create these two ads.

Adsense Auto Ads

These ads will automatically work on your Blogger. This does not require you to set the ads manually. 

When you apply AdSense to your Blogger you will take a Verification Code and give it to your Blogger in the Edit HTML settings, and after AdSense approval for your Blogger the ads will be visible through that Code. 

After giving this Verification Code you need to enable Auto Ads in your AdSense account.

How To Setup Adsense Ads On Blogger and WordPress

Some people will not be able to setup after applying this Auto Ads AdSense. This setting should be done in the "Ads" option in your AdSense account. 

This setting is often disabled for those who are just applying AdSense to Blogger. They can set Auto Ads as soon as their options are approved. 

If you forgot to do these Auto Ads while applying AdSense to Blogger then you can enable it. Advertising on your Blogger will usually start within a maximum of one hour after you enable Auto Ads.

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