How To Choose Perfect Custom Domain

What Is Custom Domain

Custom Domain is the domain purchase and linking of your preferred name to your Google Blogger or WordPress website. 

You can purchase this domain from various websites. 

Usually the address of the website you create on Blogger will be linked to Google's Blackspot address. When you link to your website address, it's called URL.

The address of this website not only gives your website an identity but also sets the keyword that many people are looking for. 

And keep in mind that everyone who visits your website plays a key role in this custom domain.

How To Be Custom Domain

Before purchasing a custom domain, the question that often comes to mind is what name to buy the domain for. 

You can buy a custom domain depending on what topics you are posting on your website. 

For example, if you're writing about Adsense, it's best to start your website address with the name Adsense.

How To Choose Perfect Custom Domain

When you look at your address, many people will easily understand what topic you are creating your post on. In addition the website address acts as an SEO Keyword. 

A value is given for how many people search for a keyword in Google. 

If your website has such a valuable keyword, it will be converted to an SEO website.

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