How To Change Permalink For Blog Post

How To Change Permalink For Blog Post

What Is Permalink

Permalink is important for every post you write on your blogger. 

When you give this link in the right way it leads to SEO Rank. Usually this permalink changes its permalink with each post title. 

All of this happens automatically when you give a title to your Blogger post. Sometimes if your title is more than 70 words its complete words will not fit right into your Permalink. 

There are two types of this link, one is automatic and the other is manual. 

Let's see the full details of this Permalink and how they should be given.

How To Change Permalink For Blog Post

Blogger Post Title

When you give a title to each of your posts it is best to give it a maximum of 70 words in length. The main SEO keyword in this title is used to enhance the views and rank of the post. 

And it would be even better to choose this title as a title that most people search for on Google. Make sure the SEO keyword appears at the beginning or in the middle of your title. 

The words of what you are going to give in this title are the Permalink to your post. If you check the Permalink Option on the right hand side after giving this title it will automatically take Permalink to your post. 

There are two types of Automatic Permalink and Custom Permalink.

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