How To Add Custom Domain For Blogger

How To Add Custom Domain For Blogger

Custom Domain

Everyone who owns a blockchain needs to know about adding a custom domain. 

Uniqueness comes only when you add a custom domain to your Blogger. 

A custom domain is one of the most important part of keeping a Blogger name in mind for every person who visits your Blogger. 

This custom domain should be such as to tell you what topic you are posting on. 

Not only this, it also helps to increase the SEO Rank and Views of your Blogger when choosing the right custom domain. 

Most often this custom domain is used by .com, .in, .net, .org. All of these are recognized as Top Level Domains. 

When you apply Adsense to your Blogger, Google focuses on these top level domains. 

Thus we will see in detail how to integrate the custom domain you have purchased into your Blogger.

How To Add Custom Domain For Blogger

Buy Custom Domain

Many websites have services to purchase this unique custom domain. 

Websites like Godaddy, Big Rock, Namecheap in particular give you a difficult domain. 

When you buy a custom domain it is very important to check the credibility of that website. 

When you buy a custom domain from the above three websites you will not face any money transfer problems or fraudulent situation. 

If you have such a problem you can fix your custom domain problem by contacting me at the Customer Service on that website or by chatting. 

Before purchasing a custom domain you need to know its price and its Renewal cash value each year.

A custom domain will be given to you for the first year when you purchase. 

Then one year later you have to pay for it every year and renew your difficulty domain. 

If you need to, you can buy a difficulty domain two or more years in advance and pay for it in advance.

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