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Fletro Pro 6.1 - Overview

Fletro pro 6.1 Premium blogger template is the best SEO-friendly, fast loading, responsive, easily customizable blogger template. This Template highly fast-loading blogger template. So, your content is easily ranked on search engines. It is a great clean and professional responsive blogger template.

Important Feature on Fletro pro 6.1 blogger template

Fast Loading

This fletro pro blogger template is created by easily loadable HTML and javascript. so, this theme is loading very very fast.

SEO Optimised

This fletro pro 6.1 best choices for SEO optimized blogger template. So, this template is easily visible on Google or Other Search engines Very Fastly. So, this theme automatically Increases your blog Visitors.

Responsive Design

this theme is 100 percentage responsive on all devices so do not worry about all device Visitors. this Fletro pro 6.1 blogger template is Automatically adapted for all device screen sizes automatically on this theme.

SVG icon Used on this theme

Fletro pro 6.1 blogger is 100 percentage used SVG icon, not a fa-fa icon. So, no need to integrate another icon website like Fantawsome. These icons are customizable and all icon is hosted on your own website so, no need to connect to a third-party icon Website. These icons are highly customizable and fastly loadable so, if you used this theme your blog speed was literally increased.

Fletro Pro 6.1 - features

Features Availability
 Responsive  Yes
 Google Tool Validator  Yes
 SEO Friendly  Yes
 Mobile-Friendly  Yes
 404 Page  Yes
 Featured Post  Yes
 Auto Read More With Thumbnail  Yes
 Shortcode  Yes
Ad slots Ready  Yes
 Responsive Footer  Yes
 Multi Drop Down  Yes
 Social Follow Button  Yes
 Search Widget  Yes
 Social Share Button  Yes
 Related Posts With Thumbnail  Yes
 Recent Post Widget  Yes
 Email News Letter Widget  Yes
 Detailed Documentation  Yes
 Responsive Menu And Layout  Yes
 Customizable  Yes

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Final words

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