How to create stylish hero header section on your website - part-3

Hi dudes, welcome to our Pixabin official blog. Let us see how to add an animated stylish Hero header to your website. this hero header script is also a new kind of animated hero header script

we hope this script helps to create or make your Dream website Professionally. and, this script also supports the WordPress website also. So, don't worry about this script working principle. just Copy and Paste. Let's see more information about this Animated Hero Header Script.

What is Animated Hero Header 

This animated Hero header script is a new kind of hero header script that is special for bloggers and also WordPress. This hero header script is inbuild with an Animated line. this line gives a Unique Look to your Website.

Features on this Hero Header

This is a Features of animated Hero Header script
  • One Heading Section added
  • One Description Section Add
  • Animated Line Effect Inbuilded
  • One Button added

How to add this script to your website

If you want to add this script. Please follow the below Steps for blogger and WordPress. or watch the Video Guide

Blogger guide

  • Open your Blogger Dashboard 
  • Next, Open the Label section on your blogger Sidebar
  • Find your template Header section and Add new Html and Javascript Widget
  • Next, Download and copy this hero header section script
  • paste on your newly created widget
  • Save the Template

WordPress guide

  • Login to your WordPress Dashboard and go to the widget section
  • Find Header section and Add Custom Html Element  and Copy this Hero header Script
  • Next, paste your newly created widget and Save the changes
  • Work Done.

Download Link

Download Now Download

Video Guide

Final Words

We hope this Animated Hero header script helps you. if you want more scripts like this please follow my Pixabin blog on telegram. youtube, and Google News.

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