8 Ways to Make a Blog Post a Success

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What do you need to do to make Blog Post a success?

Blog authors are guaranteed success in their blog post by following these 8 steps in their blog post.

8 Ways to Make a Blog Post a Success

  • Choose Perfect Keyword 
  • Post Title 
  • Search Description 
  • Permalink 
  • Sub Headings 
  • Post Images 
  • Content 
  • Internal links & External links

Choose Perfect Keyword

The success or failure of a post depends on the Focus keyword in that post. It is a good idea to check the following when choosing tags. 

 The lower the competition, the faster the registration rank by selecting the tags with the highest search (search volume).

Post Title

The first thing a blogger (Blog writer) writes when he starts writing his post is Post Title. The title should have the keyword. 

It is best to come to the beginning of the title.

Meta description

Below the post title, in the Google search results, is the Meta description. The focus keyword in this meta description should not exceed 150 characters.


The link to a post is called Permalink. This Permalink should also have a focus keyword.

Heading - 8 ways to make a blog post a success

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It should give like this.


This includes the headings H2, H3, and H4. Adding keywords or other words similar to the keyword will add more strength to the record.

Post Images

Some people think that a post should have at least one image. But an image can say what needs to be said in a thousand words. 

 In my opinion, it would be better to have 5 pictures in a post.

Post Content

The content of a post should be at least 600 words. Google Adsense says 400 words is enough. But readers (visitors) should read the post on your website for at least 1 minute. 

Otherwise, the bounce rate of the website will increase. The bounce rate is lower when it is more than 600 words and more than a minute to read.


Internal links

In your post, the link you give to the post you have already written is called the Internal link. 

 The bounce rate of the website will be significantly reduced as the reader reads your subsequent posts through these links.

Outbound links

The link you give to other websites from your post is Outbound link giving Outbound link is ten SEO higher. Getting an Outbound link to our Website from other major websites will increase our Website Domain Rating.

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