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Select and purchase SAR Value Low Radiation Phones. SAR value Radiation can cause a variety of health problems. Specific Absorption Rate

What is the main thing to look for when purchasing a mobile phone?

SAR Value (Specific Absorption Rate)

SAR value is the amount of radiofrequency radiation emitted from a mobile phone. Radiation from a mobile phone can cause a variety of health problems.

Because the human head is made up of skulls, the SAR value is less for the head and more for other parts of the body. Thus the SAR value is calculated differently for the head and body. This SAR value is estimated for the United States as opposed to European countries.

This level should be below 2 W / Kg for European countries and 1.6 W / Kg for US countries. No company can authorize the manufacture of phones with this SAR value.

Important Tips

Do not give children phones as toys near them. This is because the body structure of children is much softer than that of adults, so the impact of radiation is many times greater. Pregnant mothers are also more likely to have children. This is because the baby in their womb is much softer than babies.

Phones in Airplane Mode disconnected from WiFi and Network do not emit radiation. So phones in Airplane mode are harmless. Switching phones to Airplane Mode is essential when giving children phones as toys near them. No online jobs can be done in Airplane Mode.

Select and purchase phones with low SAR value. To find out the SAR Value, you can search the SAR Value of the phone by searching for the SAR Value of the type of phone that needs to know the SAR Value in Google search.

How to Find your Device SAR Value

  • 1 Way: You can see SAR Value on your Phone Package Side.
  • 2 Way: Search on Google (Mobile Model Name + SAR VALUE)
  • 3 way: Type your Phone Dialer "*#07#" and you can see your Phone's SAR Value.

There is an excellent website to know the SAR value accurately. Click on the following link to go to the web. Device Specifications When you know the SAR value of the phone on this website, there will be a series of phones with a lower SAR value than this phone up and down.

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