What causes a smart phone to explode and how to prevent a smart phone from exploding

Hi dude, Welcome to our Pixabin Official. this time many more people face this issue regularly. yes, that is a problem is Mobile phone Explosion. this period all mobile phone industry's are used Lithium batteries to our mobile products. This is the main reason for the mobile phone Explosion.

Follow the instructions below to protect your smartphone from the explosion

Fake batteries

Throw away those fake batteries you bought to save some money. Fake batteries are less expensive, but they are one of the main reasons for mobile malfunction and explosion.

Improper voltage supply

Overheating when applying an improper voltage to the battery will avoid prolonged charging of your smartphone, which can lead to an explosion.

For example, putting a smartphone on the charge from night to morning and falling asleep

Fake charger

Throw away the fake charger as well. Fake chargers are less expensive, these fake chargers will charge your battery in the most impossible way, even for a smartphone explosion. Always get used to using the battery and charger, just like your smartphone brand.

Do not charge the smartphone while it is wet Charging the smartphone while it is wet can cause water and electricity to explode together.

Avoid talking while charging

There is no chance of an explosion while charging using the battery and charger approved by the manufacturer. There is a lot of potentials for the smartphone to explode when charging using a battery and charger that are not approved by the manufacturer. If you do not have a battery and charger approved by the manufacturer, you can purchase a battery and charger from a reputable manufacturer.

Failure to replace the repaired battery

If your battery is slightly damaged, replace it. Sometimes people ignore it, which then leads to a catastrophe. For example, if your battery is swollen in the back

Extreme temperature

Do not overheat your smartphone. Circuit boards are sensitive to temperature. For example playing the game for too long, putting too much load on the processor.

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