Powerful Content Protector script for blogger | Disable Right Click, Copy Text,images & Source | Anti Copy paste Script for blogger

Hi Bloggers, let us see how to protect your content using Powerful Content Productor Script on blogger. This Content protector script blocks all Right-click blocks, Copy content from your website, and Image Copying on your blogger website.

This time many more Content Thieves try to copy your Website. So, your can lose your website ranking from Google. don't worry about these Thiefs. Pixabin  Provided Powerful Content Protector to Protect your Blogger website Content. If you want more Information about this Tool. Please follow this Article More...

What is Content Protector?

This Content Protector is created by protecting your all website Contents and Images. In this context, the protector is not allowed to copy any asset on your blogger website. so, This Content Protector Script helps to make a highly secured stage of your Blogger Website Content. Our Content Protector tool gives the Below Features...
  • Block right block
  • Hide "view page source Option"
  • Protect your Website Images

Usage Content Protector

  • Block Right-click on a blogger website
  • This Script Not Allows Copy your Website Content
  • Now allow copy image on your blogger website

Advantages and Disadvantages of Content Protector


  • Protect your Website Assets
  • Content thief Protection
  • Block Right Click


  • Slow up your Website.
  • Not work all Blogger Themes

This Script May be Crack your website theme. So first Make a Backup on your Website.

How to setup this Content Protector Script on Blogger

  • Open Blogger Dashboard and Go to Theme Section 
  • Now Click Edit Html Option and Find <body/> Tag.
  • Now Copy the Below Script and Paste Above On<body/> Tag.
  • Do not forget to Save the Template.

var _0x526b=['613951OSEWUt','608395czjYWW','debugger','keydown','28769GmOTPC','addEventListener','constructor','clipboardData','setData','keyCode','You\x20Can\x20not\x20Do\x20This!','465742vqvhAl','ctrlKey','169suXTuy','1ixKbrH','158858LZquip','isOpen','copy','shiftKey','contextmenu','3544fJAkWP','Copying\x20is\x20not\x20allowed\x20on\x20this\x20webpage\x20','text/plain','358569rSOdzq','length','preventDefault'];function _0x363a(_0x82886b,_0x33e1d1){return _0x363a=function(_0x526b99,_0x363a99){_0x526b99=_0x526b99-0xf0;var _0x56a42a=_0x526b[_0x526b99];return _0x56a42a;},_0x363a(_0x82886b,_0x33e1d1);}var _0x10956a=_0x363a;(function(_0x5696ef,_0x1beb1e){var _0x502607=_0x363a;while(!![]){try{var _0x8ff3ac=parseInt(_0x502607(0x108))+-parseInt(_0x502607(0xfd))+parseInt(_0x502607(0xf7))*parseInt(_0x502607(0xf0))+parseInt(_0x502607(0xfa))+-parseInt(_0x502607(0xfe))+-parseInt(_0x502607(0x101))+-parseInt(_0x502607(0xf2))*-parseInt(_0x502607(0xf1));if(_0x8ff3ac===_0x1beb1e)break;else _0x5696ef['push'](_0x5696ef['shift']());}catch(_0x4f156d){_0x5696ef['push'](_0x5696ef['shift']());}}}(_0x526b,0x50cee),!function t(){try{!function _0x518d37(_0x54bf87){var _0xb8d832=_0x363a;0x1===(''+_0x54bf87/_0x54bf87)[_0xb8d832(0xfb)]&&0x0!==_0x54bf87||function(){}[_0xb8d832(0x103)](_0xb8d832(0xff))(),_0x518d37(++_0x54bf87);}(0x0);}catch(_0x594f22){setTimeout(t,0x1388);}}(),document[_0x10956a(0x102)](_0x10956a(0xf4),function(_0x1df872){var _0x37742f=_0x10956a;_0x1df872[_0x37742f(0x104)][_0x37742f(0x105)](_0x37742f(0xf9),_0x37742f(0xf8)),_0x1df872[_0x37742f(0xfc)]();},![]),document[_0x10956a(0x102)](_0x10956a(0xf6),function(_0x55c63a){var _0x1401c9=_0x10956a;_0x55c63a[_0x1401c9(0xfc)]();}),document[_0x10956a(0x102)](_0x10956a(0x100),function(){var _0x2ba131=_0x10956a;if(event['keyCode']==0x7b)return alert(_0x2ba131(0x107)),![];else{if(event['ctrlKey']&&event[_0x2ba131(0xf5)]&&event['keyCode']==0x49)return alert('You\x20Can\x20not\x20Do\x20This!'),![];else{if(event[_0x2ba131(0x109)]&&event[_0x2ba131(0x106)]==0x55)return alert(_0x2ba131(0x107)),![];}}},![]));if(devtools[_0x10956a(0xf3)])while(!![]){console['log']('access\x20denied');} //]]></script>
<style>&#160;* {user-select: none;} *::selection {background: none;}*::-moz-selection {background: none;}&#160; &#160;</style>

  • Now Your Blogger Site Ready to Block Right Click and View Page Source

How to setup Image Protection Script on Blogger

  • Open your Blogger Dashboard
  • Next, Go to Theme Section And Click  Edit Html Option
  • Find out <head/> Tag and Paste the Below script Above on <head/> Tag.

<script type='text/javascript'>//<![CDATA[
/* Widget Script by https://www.pixabin.com/ */
function nocontext(e) {var clickedTag = (e==null) ? event.srcElement.tagName : e.target.tagName;if (clickedTag == "IMG") {return false;}}document.oncontextmenu = nocontext;//]]></script>

  • Next, Find the <body/> Tag and Paste the Below Script above on <body/> Tag.
  • Do not forget to save the template.

<script type='text/javascript'>
/* Widget Script by https://www.pixabin.com/ */
    function nocontext(e) {
        var clickedTag = (e==null) ? event.srcElement.tagName : e.target.tagName;
        if (clickedTag == "IMG") {
            return false;
    var alertMsg = "Don't Dare to copy Our images. ";
    document.oncontextmenu = nocontext;

Now your All blog images Protected!!!

Custom Modifications

  • Do need any Modification just Copy and Paste it on your Website.

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Final Words

We hope this "Disable Right Click, Copy Text and Source Blogger Script '' is Helps you. if you want more information like this information. please do follow our blog on Telegram, youtube, and Google News

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