How to Create Google Analytics for blogger Website

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a small tool that monitors a website. It displays all in all events and Performances that take place on the website.

Why Google Analytics Important for blogger

With this Google analytics, you can get the data of all the users who come to the website. A Proper Analysis of what data can be collected and how to improve the website from it.

What Does Google analytics Show?

  • How many users (Visitors) come to the website. 
  • Where are they coming from (Location)? 
  • They come from any search engine. 
  • How long have you been on the website? 
  • In which there is more time.

How to Connect Google Analytics

  • First, do a Google search for Google analytics. 
  • Click on the first link in the resulting results.

  • Then click on Create Account.

  • Enter the name of the website in the Account Name. 
  • Then give Next.

  • Enter the Website Name in the Property setup. 
  • The country must be chosen. 
  • Select Currency.

  • Then click on the Advanced option and turn on Crate a universal analytics property. 
  • Enter HTTPS in the Website Url and then enter the Website URL. 
  • Create a universal analytics account only and turn on Next.
  • You have to choose the category in which your website belongs. 
  • Business Size should be given as much. 
  • How do you intend to use Google analytics with your business tick everything and give Next.

  • Then tick Google analytics terms and conditions and click I Accept.

  • Finally copy Google Analytics I’d and give it to Blogger.

Google Analytics Connect to Blogger

  • Click on the global site tag gtag.js and copy everything in it.

  • Then go to Blogger and click Edit Html in the Theme Option and press Enter under the Header and paste it there and save.

Final Note

Google Advertising License (Google Adsense) can only be obtained if the Google Analytics account is associated with Blogger.

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