Highlights in Telegram !!!

Hi my friend! In this post we will look at the features of Telegram which are the best of the applications that are still an alternative to our watch.


If you are in a lot of groups you can split it up and name it separately. That is, the groups involved in the deck can be separated separately. You can easily use the required ones if you close them and name the different groups separately.

Message Edit:

If the message you sent is misspelled, it can be edited.

Silent Message:

With this feature, the message sent to someone will not receive any notification or noise. This feature is only available on Telegram. 

 Here's how to do this: Type what message you want to send to someone and select the send without sound option for three seconds (send without sound) No notification will be displayed for the message sent.

Timing message:

After typing the message, press the cent button for three seconds (schedule message) and select the option when the message should go to the message that the message will arrive at the specified time.

Message Withdrawal:

If you press the message you sent to someone and then press the delete button that appears at the top right, the message will disappear without even knowing the sender if you choose whether to delete the message only for yourself or for the person who saw the message.

Specific time record:

This feature is useful for those of you who want to send a photo to someone and at the same time think that the photo should be deleted. After selecting a photo and clicking on the clock icon below, select one of the given options and within that time the record will be destroyed.

Edited video:

You can slightly modify the video by selecting the video you want to send and clicking on the editing feature below.

Copy message: 

You can easily select a particular line in a record that has a ten line one.


You can easily view our YouTube channel by typing @youtube pixabinofficial in the message typing area.


If you want to send a good quality photo to someone you can send a full quality photo by selecting the send without compression option on the top right of the photo selection. 

To avoid adding an unknown person to the group: 

By selecting Group in the Settings option and selecting the my contacts option no one can add you to the group except the person who has your mobile number. 

There are many more features like color change, the features mentioned above are the best features. 

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