Files can be shared by ultrasonic wave.

Hi, my friend. In technology development, we have been using many technologies in file sharing.

Currently, file sharing can be done with ultrasonic sound. Although this technology is still being tested, the name of the developer who introduced it as a processor is Nam Nghiem.

Details of Application

This processor is called Radon share in the Google play store.

wireless file transfer fast

How it works

Before we get into the technology we need to know a few things. To understand that all files are in binary (Machine Language) format, format 1010101. 

Now when that 10101 light from one mobile rises as an ultrasound another mobile will buy it and decode it.

We know that files can be transferred through the facilities of Bluetooth and WiFi. Now we hear the protocol of ultrasonic waves. 

We can get binary codes in one wave. Show that the receiver can receive the wave. Under this process, the file transfer is activated by sending binaries on ultrasonic waves and the receiver detects it.

Pro and Cons


  • This Android Application Can't use Wifi and Bluetooth features. so, you can save your battery life and so, you can connect unlimited Devices
  • This Android Application was available to Pc. So, you can share your file to pc without any requirements.


  • This application comes with many bugs. so, sometimes stack this Application
  • No file sharing Security. anybody can see your File

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