5 steps to do if smartphones fall into the water

Smartphone usage is very high all over the world and since then the coming smartphones have come out with many technological features, though some smartphones cannot be used afterward if they fall into the water.

Some smartphones come with water resistance features, many smartphones do not have that feature so it is very difficult to reuse those smartphones. Certain smartphone companies offer a warranty on their phones, but they will not return smartphones that have fallen into the water. So be careful when using smartphones.

Seawater (Salt-water)

If the smartphones fall into the saltwater, the metal parts in it and Electronics parts are vulnerable so they are less prone to wear. Smartphones that fall into the freshwater can then be mitigated by a specific process.

Battery & SIM

Remove the battery and SIM card of the smartphone that has fallen into the water. Also, the memory card-like connection must be removed first.


Do not dry the smartphone with a device such as a hairdryer that has fallen into the water, then the smartphone will be more vulnerable as the amount of heat coming from it is high.


For the charging port, it is best to wipe with a clean cloth.

Clean cloth

It is best to wipe the smartphone with a clean cloth and use the cloth for a limited time. If the phone does not come into operation after the specified time of wiping with such a cloth, it is very difficult to use.

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