12 things you should never search for on Google

 Google is the only place to get quick access to all our questions no matter how simple or important it is. Millions of users search Google search for information ranging from basic information to diet, diet, cooking, online banking, online shopping, medical advice. While very effective, there are also dangerous things. Here are 12 important things you should never search for on Google.

1: Customer care numbers

Fraudsters have registered fake numbers on the website, such as original customer care numbers, in order to commit fraud. People get scammed because they mistakenly believe that this information is accurate. So, on Google, do not search for companies' customer care numbers.

2: By searching pornographic websites

Google is not only the largest search engine in the world; It is the largest advertising site in the world. If you search for pornography on Google, the relevant ad will appear even on the normal website you visit later. If you search through a Google Account be aware that your account details may be completely exposed. Everything you search for will be displayed as an ad on other websites you visit later

3: Online Banking Websites

Google is full of fake banking websites. Do not search online banking information on Google unless you have the correct URL. As always, enter the official URL of your bank's online banking portal to access the site to be safe. This is because the chances of phishing are increasing drastically. In a fake website that looks like the official website of the bank, you will get entangled by entering your bank login ID and password.

4: By downloading apps or software

To download the apps you need, download from official sites like Google Play Store and App Store. Google has the ability to download apps with malware. Downloading apps or software directly from the Google site may install malware on your smartphone or computer.

5: Pharmacological and medical advice

In recent years, drug purchases on Google have become more common. Although Google is a great place to learn about medical symptoms, it is important to go to a doctor instead of a search engine to get information if you have any illnesses. Avoid ordering medicines online. Not all clinical indications are accurate on Google.

6: Weight Loss Tips

Everyone wants to lose weight and look beautiful, and Google is full of tips on how to do this. Just as it is unsafe to buy drugs and get medical advice from Google, it is not good to look for quick hacks to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, go to a dietitian and get advice. Because every human body is unique. Google only has general instructions and suggestions. This can cause side effects for you.

7: Stock markets or financial advice

Know that personal finance is unique to everyone and there can never be an investment plan that makes everyone rich. As for health, some of these websites on Google are fraudulent, so it is better to stay away from search engines with this query.

8: Government Websites

Government websites, such as municipal taxes and public hospitals, are the main targets of fraudsters, according to reports. It is very difficult to search for official websites. So, like banking websites, if you know the right URL go directly to those sites, otherwise it is better to skip Google.

9: Avoid logging in to social media sites through Google

Avoid logging in to social networking accounts from Google. It is always advisable to log in with social web apps, logging in through Google can lead to phishing.

10: Shopping Offers

Google e-commerce platforms are overflowing with false web pages with offers. If you click on these sites, your online banking details will be stolen.

11: By downloading anti-virus

There are numerous counterfeit anti-virus products available for free. Instead of using these free anti-viruses that can steal your personal information, it is better to use a paid service from a reputed brand.

12: Free coupon codes

Just like online shopping offers, looking for coupon codes can be very risky. By searching for this, you may be taken to a fake website, where you can sell fake coupons at a low cost, thereby stealing your bank information in the process.

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