Tips you need to do to increase the battery life of the phone for a long time

increase the battery life of the phone

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One of the most important and big problems that everyone who uses a smartphone faces today is the phone battery backup. How to make better use of your smartphone battery? In this blog, we will see what you need to do to make the cell phone battery last longer.

Most cell phone users have a high degree of brightness, so when using a screen with a high cell phone battery, the cell phone's charge will drop rapidly. Therefore, if you are using a cell phone outside, it is better to put it in Auto-Brightness Mode. This will save more on your cell phone battery.

If your phone is in Vibrate mode, the battery charge will drop quickly. So it is better to turn it off without using vibrate mode as much as possible.

It is better to use a Wi-Fi internet facility than to use a phone internet facility on mobile.

Most of the processors we have on our mobile phone will continue to run even when we are not using them. Therefore, unused processors will also use your phone's battery. Therefore, it is better to uninstall unwanted processors.

Location settings will use more of your phone's battery. So, it is better to go to the settings menu on your phone and leave the location settings off.

Go to Settings on the cell phone and keep the Notification Settings app. If the notification comes frequently, then the cell phone will turn on and start working. Thus, the charge on the cell phone will be exhausted quickly.

Use Battery Saver or Low Battery Mode when your phone is running low on charge

Turn on and use features like Bluetooth, GPS only when needed. Turn it off after use.

Find the app that uses the most battery and data in the settings menu and use it only when needed.

Most importantly live wallpapers make your mobile phone drain less battery. So, remove the live wallpapers and use normal wallpapers.

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