How to Create Image to Webp image Converter Tool Script for Blogger Free and Easy

Hi Dude, let's see how to set up the Image to Webp image Converter Tool on the blogger Website. this is script is helps to create the image to webp image converter page on your let's how to set up this script on your blog.

There are many types of image quality and format available today. And so far the most popular image formats on the Internet are JPEG and PNG. Now people are using WebP Image Format for the majority of their websites and blogs.

File sizes for JPEG and PNG are a bit larger. The image is a relatively small file even though it uses the same WebP Image Format. There is no difference in image quality.

WebP Image Format has become very popular due to its small size and high quality. Images can be converted to WebP using any Format image to WebP conversion tool.

What is the Image to Webp image Converter Tool?

You can use this Image to WebP image Converter Tool to instantly convert real-time images to the WebP format. You can also convert several image files with one click.

To convert image files, you can directly access your local computer. The app includes an embedded WebP encoder, which can be used with the native WebP encoder of the browser.

You want to download this file on your device please hit the download button and Get the download file on your device.

How to Setup Image to Webp image Converter Tool on your Blogger

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard

Step 2: Go to the page Section and Create a New Page on your blogger

Step 3: Copy the HTML Script on Downloaded File (Click Download on Above) on your Dashboard and paste the copied Script on the newly created page.

Step 4: Do not forget to Publish the

PageStep 5: Well done. Image to webp image converter tool ready to use.

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