How to protect your eyes from the blue rays coming out of your mobile?

protect your eyes from the blue rays

Hi dude, welcome to our Pixabin blog. Let's see on this topic "How to protect your eyes from the blue rays coming out of your mobile" in this blog. this blog absolutely helps see your mobile phone without any eye problem.

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives today. Many people today cannot work without a mobile phone. We get as much risk as we get with such a mobile. One of them is the blue rays coming out of the mobile screen. Three types of pigment come out of the screen of the phone in your hand. They are red, green and blue.

Only when these three rays are combined can you see things on the screen. In this case, the blue rays coming out of the screen will affect your eyes. These blue rays cause many problems such as headaches and eye irritation when you use the phone for a long time. But there is a solution to get out of this problem.

You can view an app in the Google play store by clicking the "App Download link" button at the bottom of this section. You need to download and install the app on your phone.

Open this off and give the required permissions to the app. Now this App is ready to run.

This off has many highlights. They are

You can control the brightness of your device's screen in this off.

You have the facility to control the blue rays emanating from the screen of your phone.

You can change this feature to your liking anyway.

Dials are provided separately for each feature in this off. Thus great features can be changed individually through this Off.

The main feature of this off is that you can activate it in conjunction with your time zone. This off will automatically change the settings of your screen to suit your eyes, such as a screen layout during the day, a screen layout at night and a screen layout in the evening for your time zone. If you enable this you do not need to change the setting of this off often.

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