How to Install Whatsapp on your PC

How to Install Whatsapp on your PC

Hi dude, let's see "How to Install Whatsapp on your PC" in this Article. WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media in the world.

But most people used WhatsApp on phone. But WhatsApp now gives way to use WhatsApp on Windows or Mac desktops at this time. So, let's show you how to install WhatsApp on your desktop device.

What is whatsapp?

Whatsapp is popular social media In the world.WhatsApps was 1st created by Jan Koum and Brian Acton.

After 2014 Facebook got ownership on Whatsapp. Whatsapp gave many features to communicate one to another.

How to Install Whatsapp on Windows

  • First open your Pc and Enter Your Browser
  • next, go to Whatsapp.Com on your Browser
  • Select "Mac or Windows PC" option on Webpage.
  • Click Download Button on the Download Page. now, you can get .exe File on Your Pc
  • Now Click The Downloaded File and "Run as Administrator"
  • install the WhatsApp on your PC.

How to Setup Whatsapp windows

  • Open the Whatapp on your Your Dashboard, now You can See QR Code on whatsapp app.
  • next, take your mobile and open the Whatsapp Application.
  • click the 3dot icon top right and Select "Linked devices"
  • Next, Click "Link a device"
  • After Click "Link a device" button
  • Next, Camera (QR Code Reader) was Automatically open your Camera.
  • now, Scan the QR Code on your Device.
  • Your Whatsapp was Successfully Connected into Your Mobile.

Final words

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