How to get a free SSL certificate on Your WordPress Website (Beginner’s Guide) 100% Works

How to get a free SSL certificate on Your WordPress Website (Beginner’s Guide) 100% Works

Hello friends, on this page we will see "How to get Free SSL Certificate on your website". Because SSL certification is very important for your website. But many companies like Hostinger, GoDaddy sell SSL certification. Did you know that Google shows non-SSL websites as insecure? So your customer may lose faith in your website.

SSL certification helps protect your personal and web data in encrypted form. So no one can see your personal data. This is really necessary to accept paying online. Usually, SSL certification is very expensive. If you want to create a new website you will want to cut costs.

Fortunately, there are many more ways to get an SSL certificate for free. This will reduce the cost of your website. So on this page, we will see how to easily get a free SSL certificate for your website.

What is an SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificate makes normal HTTP URLs to HTTPS URLs (secure socket layer). This is a web program for getting data transfer between a customer's program and the website they are visiting.

Every web client will move information as they go to their destinations. This information is usually weak, such as partial nuances, MasterCard information, or login confirmation. Software engineers can capture this information using a standard HTTP program. SSL certificate or HTTPS comes here.

Locals require an SSL verification provided by a confirmation authority. This support is highlighted with a hook sign in the client's program address bar and confirmed with HTTPS against HTTP. It Gives Extra Security to your Website and User Data.

You are using HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol) Means your site is Not Secure. anytime Hackers Can be Hacked Your SIte and lose your data. Your website requires SSL certification from an accredited certification authority. This certificate is displayed in the User Browser Url bar with a locked icon and HTTPS protocol.

Need an SSL Certificate for My WordPress Website?

SSL / HTTPS certification is very important for all websites and other web activities. This is always required for all websites that collect user data such as debit or credit card details, login data, payment information, and more.

Whether you have an online store or any money transfer website, SSL is very important. This is because online payment services often require the addition of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) or HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) before making a payment online. This is very important to protect your payment details. If you do not have SSL your data may be stolen. One more important thing browsers will show your clients that your site isn't secure except if your site utilizes an SSL certificate.

How to works SSL Certificate?

SSL works strongly between the user's browser and the website. It protects all data by encrypting it.

The browser will first check the SSL on your website when someone sees your website in their browser on SSL / HTTPs

The browser will use the public key of the website to check all the data and encrypt the data. It then sends all this data to the website you are visiting. Then encrypt all the data they're using a public key and secret private key. So all of your data is safe.

How to Get Free SSL Certificate?

A startup web designer will want to keep his cost low. But SSL is not cheap it is very expensive. But luckily some companies give it away for free. There are many ways to get this SSL for free. But one of the easiest ways to do that is to look at the steps below.

You want to get a free SSL certificate for your website. Follow the simple steps below.

How to Get Free SSL Certificate for WordPress site step by step

Step 1: Open your WordPress dashboard

Step 2: Go to Plugin Section

Step 3: Click the "Add New" button

Step 4: Search the "Really Simple SSL" Plugin

Step 5: Hit the download button and install the plugin

Step 6: Activate the "Really Simple SSL" Plugin

Step 7: Now you can see the "Go ahead, Activate the Plugin" Button on the Top area.

Step 8: Hit the "Go ahead, Activate the Plugin" Button on the top area.

Step 9: Finish all Configuration on this Plugin

Step 10: Your Free SSL Certificate Is Ready to Use

You Can finish all steps. Let's your site is protected by Free SSL Certificate Encryption.

Final words

I hope this Information is Helps you to get a free SSL certificate on your website. Please Share This Article and Keep Support on my blog.

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