How to Get Free Cloudflare SSL Certificate, CDN, and DDOS Production on your Website

How to Get Free Cloudflare SSL Certificate, CDN, and DDOS Production on  your Website

Hi dude, the title of this blog is "How to Get Free Cloudflare SSL Certificate, CDN, and DDOS Production on your Website". Before looking at how to install this you need to know a few things about Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is a website security company that is used and trusted worldwide today. It provides features like SSL, CDN, and DDOS Protection to your website for free. Buying SSL, CDN, DDOS Protection is not easy. Buying one of these for your website can cost you thousands of dollars a year. However, Cloudflare provides you with SSL, CDN, and DDOS Protection for your website completely free of charge.

What is SSL Certificate?

The SSL Certificate performs the task of encrypting and transferring the information of the users who come to your website without directly transferring it. If you buy this you will have to spend several thousand. But today many hosting companies offer it for free.

What is CDN (Content Delivery Network)?

CDN is used to keep the speed of your website the same in all countries. Your website will run much faster in the country where your website's server is located. But, in changing countries, its pace will be much slower.

CDN is used to avoid this. If you install this, the data on your website will be stored on servers in all countries and the website will be fastened by contacting the server in that country when people in that country open your website. Only a few companies offer this for free. And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes. But Cloudflare also offers this for free.

What is DDOS Protection?

DDOS Protection is a security feature that prevents hackers from hacking your website's servers. If you pay for this you will have to spend several thousand.

How to Get Free Cloudflare SSL Certificate, CDN, and DDOS Production on your Website

Step 1: Go to Cloudflare's official website and create Cloudflare Account and log in to your Cloudflare Dashboard.

Step 2: Now you can see Add site button on the Cloudflare dashboard. Click this button and add your domain name without https:// and http://. For example,

Step 3: After adding your domain name, a screen will appear detailing Cloudflare's products. In the list of products, select the product that is Free.

Step 4: The DNS Record of your domain name will now appear on your screen. Does it belong to your domain name? Check that once. And click the continue button

Step 5: Now, Cloudflare will tell you to modify the Nameserver of your Domain name. To do so, go to the Administrator Account of your domain name.

Next, delete your old Nameserver and save the new Nameserver provided by Cloudflare. If you do not do this step correctly your website will become inactive.

Step 6: Now, come back to the Cloudflare Dashboard. Now click on the Overview option. In it,, you can see the Review Settings button. If you click on it, three important settings will appear one after the other. Make these settings by looking at the image below.

Step 7: Next, click on the SSL / TLS option in the Cloudflare Dashboard. Scroll down the page and select the SSL type Flexible option.

Step 8: Next, go to that page by clicking on the Rules option above. Next, you will see the Create page Rules button on that page. Click that button.

Step 9: Now, enter your domain name with a * symbol in the first box on the Create page Rules page. For example, if your website's domain name is, you should enter this box as*.

Step 10: Next click on the second box on that page and a drop-down menu will appear. In it, select SSL. After doing this, a third box will appear next to the second box. Click on the third box and another drop-down menu will appear. In it, select the Flexible option.

If you have a blogger or other website, follow the steps above. Get Cloudflare SSL, CDN, and DDOS protection for your website in about 48 hours. But if you have a website in WordPress, just adding this is not enough. This will only be completed if you add a few more to your website. Those instructions are given below.

Additional Ways to Get Free Cloudflare SSL, CDN, and DDOS Protection in WordPress

Step 1: After completing all the above steps you need to go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Step 2: go to your plugin section and Click Add new option on Plugin Section

Step 3: Now Search Cloudflare's Official Plugin and install the plugin on your website.

Step 4: Now go to Settings Section and go to Cloudflare Plugin Dashboard on your Website.

Step 5: Now two options appear on your screen: Create Your Free Account and Sign-in. Since we have already created a Cloudflare Account, select the Sign-in option.

Step 6: A login form with the API Key will now appear on your screen. Fill in the first box with the e-mail address in Cloudflare. Fill in the API Key in the text box. For that, you need to click on the Get your API Key Here option under that form.

Step 7: A Cloudflare Popup will now appear on your screen. In it, you have to select the section called API Tokens. In that section, click on the View button in the Global API Key option.

Step 8: Another Popup will appear after clicking the View button. Enter your Cloudflare Password. Solve the Captcha next to it and click on the View Button.

Step 9: Now you can see your Global API Key. Copy it to your Clipboard.

Step 10: Next, copy and paste the Global API Key into the second box. and Click the Save API Credentials Button in the From.

Step 11: The Cloudflare Plugin now has three options: Home, Settings, and Analytics. Apply the Optimize Cloudflare for WordPress option in the Home Option.

This Cloudflare Plugin can connect your website with Cloudflare faster. Additionally, you can change some important Cloudflare settings on the WordPress Dashboard.

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