How to Create Floating Social Follow Widget for Free

Hi Dude, let's see "How to Create Floating Social Follow Widget" in this Article. That means we are going to look at how to install a Social Media follow widget on your website. this Create Floating Social Follow Widget is Absolutely Gives Professional Look to Your Site. so, we are Highly Recommended to use the script on your site.

This social widget is great helps you to inform your users about social web pages.

What is a social widget?

A social widget is a feature that allows you to share your website's post links on social media. This is definitely something that should be on your website.

This widget is used to share your website on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It is also used to display your social media pages.

How Does Create Floating Social Follow Widget it's Works?

How this social media widget works is that it floats to the bottom right of your website.

It gives the icon of four social websites. So you can add four social web pages. This widget also can be animated. Also, this widget will first appear as a plus icon at the bottom of the page. After clicking on this plus icon a box will appear from left to right.

Links to social web pages will appear in this box. You can also give a link to your website.

You want to download this script please hit the download button and download the file on your device.

How to Create floating social follow widget step by step

  • Step 1: Go to your blogger dashboard
  • Step 2: Select theme section and click edit html Option
  • Step 3: Copy the Html Script on Downloaded File and Find </body> Tag.
  • Step 4: Paste the copied script above on </body> Tag.
  • Step 5: Copy the CSS Script on Downloaded File and find the ]]><b:skin> Tag.
  • Step 6: Paste the copied script above on ]]><b:skin> Tag.
  • Step 7: Do not forget Save the template.
  • Step 8: Now your floating social follow widget is ready to rock.

Final words

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